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Add-on Key Module, 12-Key, White KX-NT303X

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Add-on Key Module, 12-Key, White KX-NT303X To suit Panasonic Handsets KX-DT346X-B, KX-NT343 IP handsets KX-NT346 IP Handsets

Add-on Key Module, 12-Key, KX-NT303X- To suit Panasonic Handsets 


KX-NT343 IP handsets

KX-NT346 IP Handsets


Designed specifically for the Hybrid IP-PBX Panasonic phone systems, the stylish series DSS Consoles are user-friendly and highly functional.

Some of the great features supported by these consoles include:
Ergonomic design four step tilt angle adjustment. Navi key for increase handset usability, for example, for easily changing volume or accessing system speed dial lists. Whisper Off-Hook Call Announce which makes it possible for you to whisper a message to a colleague while he or she is speaking on the telephone to another person. Only the one person hears the whispered message. 

Each handset includes a built-in Extra Device Port that can be used to connect a single line device such as a fax, cordless telephone, or answering machine.

The 2nd port can be assigned the same extension number so that you can have a personal answering machine, or a different extension number for receiving a fax whilst talking to the sender on the telephone.

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