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Back to base monitoring 24/7 for Residentual customers 12 months

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Back to base monitoring 24/7 for Residentual customers Save 10% off your new security alarm installation when connection to a Back to Base 12 month contract.

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Back to base monitoring 24/7 for Residentual customers Secure your business with our 24 hour monitored control room.

Connection of your alarm system to monitoring?

CTC Communications security technicians connects a PSTN telephone line, to your alarm system. this enables your alarm system to send signals to our control room monitoring call centre. Our operators can see and identify each signal coming through and can then take action by calling key holders, a patrol response or the police. Operators monitor when the alarm is being armed and disarmed, indicating open and close times of your business. Reports sent daily to CTC Communications clearly identify any issues or faults with your alarm and we can rectify these before issues arise with your alarm system not working.

A reliable alarm system, secured provides peace of mind for your home or business

 The Value of Having a Monitored Alarm system ?

False alarm from alarm system are quite common we are all used to hearing, and often ignoring, the sounds of sirens and the alarm bells from buildings and vehicles. For this reason customers rely on CTC Communications alarm monitoring services so they can be assured that someone will respond to their alarm system emergency.



Test Reports

 You can opt to have your alarm system send test reports Daily or Weekly.

You alarm system calls our 13 number to the control room to monitor the system is still in working order and a signal is sent to the control room.

Have your open/close reports emailed to you, to identify which users are turning your alarm system on and off.



Know when your alarm system battery is failing.

Identify potential faults before they occur

CTC Communications control room will identify when your alarm system battery is going flat, we recommend you changing your battery every 2 years and this will prevent your alarm siren failing in the event of a power outage.



Cost of Patrol Visits vary from State to State the average visit is $80.00.


Are you looking to have a new alarm system installed, why not connect back to base at the same time and receive a 10% discount off your alarm installation.

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