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Bosch Radion Wireless Recessed Door/Window

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Bosch Wireless Recessed Door/Window Works only with Radion B810 receiver.

Bosch Wireless Recessed Door/Window

Bosch Radion Wireless Recessed Door/Window

  • Self-contained transmitter with magnetic reed switch contact
  • Concealed, recessed mounting in doors or windows for unobtrusive 
Transmitter dimensions 15.4 mm x 104.7 mm (0.60 in x 4.2 in)
Magnet dimensions 22 mm x 28 mm x 15 mm (0.87 in x 1.10 in x 0.59 in)
Power/voltage 1.5 VDC
Battery type AAA Lithium
Battery life Up to 5 years
Temperature Functional range: -10゚C to +49゚(+14゚F to +120゚F)UL only: 0゚C to +49゚C (+32゚F to+120゚F)EN 50130-5 Class II only: -10゚C to 40゚C (+14゚F to +104゚F
Environment Complies with EN50130-5 Class II
Relative humidity Up to 93% non-condensing
Cover tamper detection Transmits a tamper switch signal when the cover is removed from the detector.
Frequency 433.42 MHz
Use Intended for indoor use.
Receivers B810 wireless receiver (compatible with RFDW-RM-A only)

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