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Bosch Solution 16i 16 Zone Text/Icon Codepad (CP510i)

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Bosch Solution 16i 16 Zone Text/Icon Codepad (CP510i)

Bosch Solution 16i 16 Zone Text/Icon Codepad (CP510i)
Key Features
Prox Keypads - Up to 8 Per System
C.L.I. Enabled Intelli-Connect
Real Time Clock
Digital Contrast and Brightness Control
SolutionLinkTM Programming Software
CID, SIA, Domestic, SMS Reports
Time and Date Static Keypad Display
Call Forward On / Call Forward Off
Senior Watch
Attractive Modern Keypad Design
Zone Pulse Count
Dual Reporting
Keypad Tamper Option
Fire Alarm Verification
Siren Beep & or Strobe Flash for Keyfob
Remote Diagnostics
8 Internal Door Control
Totally Fuseless Design
Owner Test Reminder Time
Service Reminder Time
Away and 2 Part Operating Modes
True 1 Amp Power Supply
Pulse Battery Charger Built-In
Auto Arming by Area or System
Auto Adjust Time for Daylight Saving
Remote Arming, Disarming, Area Control
& Output Control
Chime Alarm
Automatic Battery Testing
Distinctive Siren Tone for Fire Alarms
Open / Close Reports By User
Dual Reporting by Event Type
Multi-Vendor Wireless Compatible
Fire, Panic and Medical Alarm Triggers
Auto Arm Pre Alert
Programmable EOL Resistor Value
Single Key Quick Arm Function
Unique ICON User Interface
Status ICONs Display At All Times
8 digit PIN Codes for High Security
Sensor Watch
Telco Line Fail Detection
Automatic Smoke Detector Reset:
Upon Disarming
Dedicated On, Off and Part Keys

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Bosch Solution 16i Datasheet
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