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Bosch Solution 16i 16 Zone Text/Icon Prox Codepad, CP511i

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Bosch Solution 16i 16 Zone Text/Icon Alarm Codepad (CP511i)

Bosch Solution 16i, 16 Zone Text/Icon Code pad

Model: CP511i

Home Alarm System Code pad


  • Prox Code pad
  • Large back-lit graphical LCD display
  • ICON display with text
  • Terminal block connections
  • Dedicated On, Off and Part Keys

This enhanced version of the ICON LCD Code Pad incorporates a built-in proximity reader allowing users to
simply present their token to the keypad to arm / disarm and / or unlock a door. Children and the elderly will find this
feature extremely easy to use as no PIN codes are required for operation.

Access Control Options
Prox Token, Keyring or Card can be used with proximity code pad 
Present the Token at the Keypad and the system will arm or disarm depending on the state of the system.

File Downloads

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Bosch Solution 16i Code Pad Datasheet
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Bosch Solution 16i Brochure
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Bosch Solution 16i Datasheet
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