Bosch Solution 16i Alarm System with 2 x Wireless Detectors + Icon Codepad

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Bosch Solution 16i Alarm Kit
Kit Includes:

Solutions 16i Control Panel in metal box,
CC500 Icon Code Pad (CP510i) Siren Strobe,
Horn Accessory Kit K0007
2 x Wireless Detectors (RFPR-12)
2 x Remote Controls, radion keyfobs RFKF-FB (plastic)
1 x Wireless Receiver RF3212E
3 x Alarm Warning Stickers

 Bosch Solution 16i Alarm 

Bosch Solution 16i Alarm Kit 
Kit Includes: 
Solutions 16i Control Panel in metal box, CC500
Icon Code Pad (CP510i)
Siren Strobe, Horn Accessory Kit K0007 
2 x Wireless Detectors (RFPR-12)
2 x Remote Controls, radion keyfobs RFKF-FB (plastic)
1 x Wireless Receiver RF3212E
3 x Alarm Warning Stickers

    Bosch Solution 16i


    Bosch Solution 16i features

    The Bosch Solution 16i is feature-rich, including: So simple to use, it really is child‘s play.

    • 16 wired or wireless zones for security devices such as motion sensors, door and window contacts, smoke detectors etc.
    • Easy to read code pad, icon control
    • ON & PART arming modes
    • Partitioning to multiple areas eg. upstairs, downstairs, garage, granny flat, garden shed etc.
    • System indicators - AC fail & system troubles
    • Chime feature on user selectable zones
    • Remote arming via the telephone
    • Walk test mode
    • Alarm memory recall
    • Code pad panic and duress
    • 2 Entry Timers
    • Can be connected to a PSTN phone line to send SMS reports on alarm activations.

    Icon code pad

    White only

    ICON LCD Code Pad with Text (CP510i)
    The ICON LCD Code Pad combines Bosch industry leading
    ICON interface technology with the added benefits of a text display. Installers are provided key information whilst programming such as memory location and existing data in easy to read text.
    Colour coded, illuminated keys allow for easy identification and operation in all ambient light conditions and provide a positive feel to the user. Red and green indicators provide easy identification of Armed and Disarmed modes and the in-built sounder provides audible feedback via polyphonic like signalling tones during system operation.

    The sounder emits a siren sound during alarm condition providing early warning and the volume level is individually programmable for each code pad connected to the system. An enhanced version of the ICON LCD Code Pad

    Connect a phone line to your Bosch alarm 16i and it will send you
    SMS notifications if your alarm is activated.


     Wireless PIR Detector Features

    Mounting Considerations
    Surface or corner mount (with or without the optional bracket) at a height between 2.3 m and 2.7 m high.
    • The maximum wireless range of the detector, in open air, is approximately 300 m. In normal household or commercial applications, keep the detector within 100 m of the assigned control panel receiver.
    • Temporarily mount the detector using double-sided tape, and test it for both detector coverage and RF range from the desired location before mounting it permanently.
    • Mount the detector where an intruder will most likely cross through the coverage pattern.
    • Do not mount in areas with large metallic surfaces such as heating ducts or electrical wiring which may inhibit the sensor’s RF signals from reaching the control panel receiver.
    • Do not mount the detector outdoors or where direct sunlight can reach it.
    • In pet immune applications, do not mount where pets can climb because the upper areas are not immune to pets.

    Note Optional mounting brackets can reduce the range and increase dead zone areas. 
    Do not use brackets in pet immune applications.

    Bosch Wireless PIR Detector
    Model: RFPR-12
    Wireless PIR works with Bosch Wireless Reciever RF3212E

    PIR with 12 m x 12 m (40 ft x 40 ft) coverage.
    Flexible Mounting Height
    Pet Immunity up to 13kg (30 lbs)
    Operational up to 5 years with one user replaceable CR123A battery
    Supervised for low-battery, cover-tamper, and removal from mounting surface tamper conditions.

    Dimensions: 111 mm x 60 mm x 43 mm (4.4 in x 2.4 in x 1.7 in )
    Power/Voltage: One CR123A Lithium battery, 3 VDC
    Battery life: Up to 5 years
    Temperature: Functional range: -10゚C to +49゚(+14゚F to +120゚F)UL only: 0゚C to +49゚C (+32゚F to+120゚F)EN 50130-5 Class II only: -10゚C to 40゚C (+14゚F to +104゚F
    Environment Complies with EN50130-5 Class II
    Relative Humidity: Up to 93% non-condensing
    Cover and Wall Tamper Switch: Transmits a tamper switch signal when the detector is removed from its base, or pulled away from the wall.
    Frequency: 433.42 MHz
    Use: Intended for indoor use.
    Receivers: B810 wireless receiver (compatible with RFPR-12-A and RFPR-C12-A only)RFRC-OPT wireless receiver (compatible with RFPR-12, and RFPR-C12 only)RFRC-OPT-CHI wireless receiver (compatible with RFPR-12-CHI, and RFPR-C12-CHI only)


       Siren Kit Choice

      Standard Kit                     



        Siren Kit (K0011 Slimline)

      K0007 (Standard)

      White plastic siren box
      Horn Speaker
      LED Flashing Light

      K0011 (Slimline)

      All in one LED plastic cover with built in speaker.
      Tamper for both sirens

      Both kits come with these accessories

      • Plug pack for control panel
      • Installation manual and User Guide
      • Resistors
      • Dialler plug for land line fixed.
      • Top hat piezo, internal screamer 
      • (Flushmounted siren is additional)
      • 12 Volt back up battery
      • 3 x CTC Communications High resolution alarm Warning stickers

          Bosch Delux Keyfob Kit, Wireless Receiver + 2 Remotes with 4 buttons (Plastic radion)


          Delux Remotes

          Quick Overview

          Can be used with Bosch 
          Solution 16 Plus, 
          Solution 16 i,
          Solution 880 Ultima, 
          Solution 64, 
          Solution 144, 
          Solution 6000,
          Solution 3000.

          Bosch Delux Wireless Kit.
          1 x Wireless Reciever of keyfob kit delux. Model: RF3212E
          2 x 4 button remotes Model: RFKF-FB

          Bosch Wireless Receiver Steamline 
          Model: RF3212E 
          This will enable the use of wireless products 
          for your Bosch Security system

          A combination of wireless and wired detectors can be used on your panel.

                  Water and dust resistant
                   Arm, disarm and panic functions
                   Assigned by user for accurate reporting of open close signals
                   LED indicator
                   Programmable option buttons (only available on 4-button model)
          Dimensions 63.7 mm x 35.5 mm x 13.0 mm(2.51 in x 1.40 in x 0.51 in)
          Power/voltage One CR2032 Lithium battery, 3 VDC
          Battery life Up to 5 years
          Temperature Functional range: -10゚C to +49゚(+14゚F to +120゚F)UL only: 0゚C to +49゚C (+32゚F to+120゚F)EN 50130-5 Class II only: -10゚C to 40゚C (+14゚F to +104゚F
          Environment Complies with EN50130-5 Class II
          Relative humidity Up to 93% non-condensing
          Frequency 433.42 MHz
          Use Intended for indoor use.
          Receivers B810 (compatible with RFKF-FB-A, and RFKF-TB-A only)RFRC-OPT (compatible with RFKF-FB and RFKF-TB only)

           Bosch 3 Year Warranty


          Bosch intrusion products are covered by a replacement guarantee for 3 years from the date of purchase.

          CTC Communications will cover postage for all replacement parts, but will not cover labour for installation cost.

          CTC Communications offer a 1 year warranty on labour when the system is installed by us.

          Exclusions: 1 year warranty for remote controls stainless steel, HCT-4UL

           Why Purchase from CTC Communications?




          Bosch Certified Platinum Partner-
          We are fully licensed to sell, supply and install alarms
          Master Security Licence: 000101992

          NECA Member -
          We are members of the National Electrical & Contractors Association

          We have over 40 years experience in the Security industry.

          Our trained staff install Bosch security systems daily.

          Bosch Security Installer –-
          Find us on the Bosch Website

          Tech Support
          Free Tech-Support online Support Centre

          Knowledge base, Handy Hints, Ticket Support,

          User Manuals, Installer Guides

          Live Chat

           Installations by CTC Communications



          Need this product Installed?

          Professionally trained and Licensed Security Technicians can install your alarm system for a fixed price.

          Call 1300 552 282


          Send us your house plans for recommendations on total security coverage.

          Note: Installations are for Sydney Metropolitan Areas only.
          Penrith Area discounted installation.

           Back to base Monitoring



          Alarm Monitoring costs

          Residential  66c a day  

          Business  $1.10 a day 

          Residential annual cost- $240.90

          Business annual cost- $401.50 

          The Value of a Monitored alarm system

          Keeping track with a self-monitored SMS notification alarm system

           Optional products available for the 16i Alarms system

          Hard Wired

          Additional Sirens, internal & external

          Point to Point Beams

          Reed Switches, flushmouted or surface

          Roller door reed switch

          Remote programming software & cable

          Glass Break hard wired

          Outdoor detectors Long range detectors

          Professional series detectors

          Ceiling Mount detectors

          Smoke detectors      Request to exit

          IP Module

          Keypads ,three styles

          Additional signage available 3 included in purchase


          (Wireless products require a receiver)

          Wireless remote control Kits

          Plastic delux kit (3 year warranty)

          Stainless Steel remotes with slide cover (1 year warranty)

          Duress buttons

          Panic buttons

          Replacement batteries 3 volt


          Wireless Detectors Pets Small & Pet Large

          Wireless Reed Switches

          Surface or Flushmounted

          Wireless Glass Break 

          Cable Recommendations

          Please note no cable is included in this package, we recommend 4 core 14.02. 

          Available in 100m or 300 metre rolls

          File Downloads

          Bosch Detectors
          (Size: 2.9 MB) Downloads: 376
          Bosch Blueline Gen2 Tritech Pet Friendly Detector (ISC-BDL2-WP12G)
          (Size: 226.8 KB) Downloads: 316
          Bosch Detector Comparison guide
          (Size: 328.4 KB) Downloads: 149
          Bosch Wireless PIR Detector Radion, RFPR-12, replaces RF940E datasheet
          Bosch Panels
          (Size: 403.7 KB) Downloads: 94
          Bosch Solution 16i Brochure
          Bosch Codepad Brochures
          (Size: 1.1 MB) Downloads: 101
          Solution 16i LCD Text-Icon Code Pads
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