Bosch Solution 16Plus/64 Proximity Graphic Code Pad Black CP111B,

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Solution 16/64 Graphic Code Pad + Proximity Reader Black Model: CP111B Black

Solution 16/64  Graphic Code Pad + Proximity Reader Black
Model: CP111B  Black

¶ Built-in Proximity Reader
¶ Large back-lit graphical LCD display
¶ Alpha numeric text prompting / programming
¶ Up to 4 lines of 20 Characters and 17 Icons
¶ Terminal block connections
¶ Dedicated On, Off and Part Keys
¶ Adjustable volume, backlight and contrast
¶ Clock and temperature display


The Solution Graphic Code Pads have been thoughtfully
designed to provide everything you would expect from a
state of the art security system and much more. The code
pads decor friendly housing and stylish curved face blends
with the most discerning of interior designs and it can be
used with or without the hinged door according to
individual customer taste or requirements.
Colour coded, illuminated keys allow for easy identification
and operation in all ambient light conditions and provide a
positive feel to the user. Red and green indicators provide
easy identification of Armed and Disarmed modes and the
in-built sounder provides audible feedback via polyphonic
like signalling tones during system operation. The sounder
emits a siren sound during alarm condition providing early
warning and the volume level is individually programmable
for each code pad connected to the system.

Built-in Proximity Reader
The CP111B feature a built-in proximity
reader, allowing users to simply present their token to the
code pad to arm / disarm and/or unlock a door. Children
and the elderly will find this feature extremely easy to use
as no PIN codes are required for operation.

Large back-lit graphical LCD display.
The Bosch graphic code pad incorporates one of the most
comprehensive displays available. The large back-lit LCD
display incorporates the latest Bosch pixel technology
which graphically identifies all system conditions. Variable
font sizes are used depending on the situation with
important information being displays in a large bold font
and or a pop up window. Icons enable you to check vital
system status at a glance
Adjustable contrast, backlight and volume.
Brightness and contrast levels are all programmable via the
code pad so the user can adjust the display to their desired
optimum clarity. The user may elect to fully extinguish the
keypad lighting when not in use. Volume control means the
code pad is equally perfect for noisy industrial locations or
quiet office and home applications.

Status LEDs
Red and green status LED indicators provide easy
identification of armed, disarmed modes from a distance
and positive confirmation of programming mode activation.
Access Control Options
Prox Token, Keyring or Card can be used with proximity code pad
Bosch RFID Prox Token Bosch RFID Prox Key Chain Bosch RFID Prox Iso card white
Present the Token at the Keypad and the system will arm or disarm depending on the state of the system.
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