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Bosch Solution 6000/144 Graphic Keypad Black Case/Blue CP710B

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Bosch Solution 6000/144 Graphic Keypad Black Case/Blue CP710B NOT INTERCHANGEABLE FOR THE 16/64 KEYPAD


  • - Large graphical display with LED backlight, with real time clock and temperature display
  • - Up to 4 lines of 20 characters and icons, with dedicated On, OFF and PART keys
  • - Alphanumeric text prompting / programming with custom installer static display screen
  • - Adjustable volume, backlight and contrast
  • - Terminal block connections


The Solution 6000/144 Graphic Code Pads have beenthoughtfully designed to provide everything you wouldexpect a top-of-the-line security code pad and muchmore. The Code Pad is supplied in either a black orwhite plastic housing which is complimented by anelectric blue LED backlighting of the keys and display.The striking appearance will compliment most moderninterior designs while also offering advantage in dirty industrial installations. As with all code pads in therange they can be used with or without the hinged door to meet customer taste or requirements. Illuminated rubber keys allow for easy identificationand operation in ambient light conditions and providea positive feel to the user. Red and Green indicators are provided to easilyidentify the Armed and Disarmed modes of operationfrom a distance and the in-built sounder providesaudible feedback via polyphonic-like signalling tonesduring system operation. The sounder volume is programmable and it also emits a sire sound during alarm conditions.


Functions Large back-lit graphical LCD display

One of the most comprehensive displays available, the large back lit LCD display incorporates the latest pixel technology which graphically identifies all system conditions at a glance. Variable font sizes are used depending on the situation with important information being displayed in a large bold font, while up to 4 lines of text can be displayed when more information is required. At all times the user is prompted in alphanumeric text clearly identifying the current operating mode,enhancing feedback for trouble-free and simple operation.All system programmable features and options are displayed in full text on the code pad, allowing the system to be programmed and configured without referring to the manual. Adjustable contrast and backlighting Display screens can also be customised to show the installer logo or contact information when the systemis in idle mode. Brightness and contrast levels are programmable via the code pad so the user can adjust the display to their desired optimum clarity.

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