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Bosch Solution 6000 Alarm System IP Kit with 2 x Wireless PIR Detectors (Deluxe Remotes)

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Bosch Solution 6000 IP Wireless Kit Deluxe Remotes

Kit Contents In the Box 

  • Control panel PCB (CC610P) in metal box 
  • Keypad colour choice White (CP700B) or Black (CP710B)
  • 2 x Gen 2 Wireless detectors,Radion (RFPR-12)
  • 1 x Wireless Receiver (RFRC-STR)
  • 2 x Remote controls Deluxe Plastic Radion,(RFKF-FB)
  • 1 x IP Module (CM751B)

Siren, Accessory Kit

Standard: External Siren, horn & blue LED strobe,
Tampers for siren and control panel
Internal top hat style piezo screamer
Plug pack for control panel
12 volt back up battery
Instruction manual, User Guide and resistors
3 x CTC Communications high resolution warning alarm stickers for your windows.

Ideal alarm system for home or business, suitable for pets up to 13kgs

Wireless detectors are great for two storey homes with no ability to cable downstairs.

Included IP module on control board so you can arm/disarm your property via a mobile app.

Requires purchase of Ifob App plan.


Introducing the Bosch Solution 6000

  • 16 wired or wireless zones for security devices such as motion sensors, door and window contacts, smoke detectors etc.
  • Easy to read code pad
  • Easy text menu control
  • ON & PART arming modes
  • Partitioning to multiple areas eg. upstairs, downstairs, garage, granny flat, garden shed etc.
  • System indicators - AC fail & system troubles
  • Chime feature on user selectable zones
  • Code pad panic and duress
  • Wifi Keypad optional provides communications via your home internet, this will enable the use of your smart phone to arm/disarm your alarm or report back to base for control room for monitoring. (not required with GSM module included)
  • The Use of the IFob Plans will now enable push notifications and email for SMS reporting via the IP module on an Ifob plan.
  • Optional GSM Module for communications via a module on the Bosch control board with a sim card for communications via your home internet, this will enable the use of your smart phone to arm/disarm your alarm or report back to base for control room for monitoring.
  • Optional Remote Controls, arm/disarm your alarm system without the need to input a code.
  • Optional Finger scanner, proximity reader, external keypads and expander modules.
  • Included IP Module for Smartphone connections with your mobile, requires IFob plan.

Features of Ifob Plans

Reporting Lite Yearly Subscription

Allows push notifications, email reporting and SMS on alarms events ONLY.

Remote arming and disarming

Ability to control sirens and outputs. 

Ability to connect up to 10 mobile phones

IFob Unlimited

Allows up to 100 notifications per month across 10 mobile phones, no SMS notifications.

Ability to arm and disarm remotely. 

Ability to control sirens and outputs from your mobile phone.

 Bosch graphic code pad 

Bosch Code pad 6000

The Solution 6000 Graphic Codepad has been thoughtfully designed

to provide everything you would expect a top-of-the-line security codepad

and much more.

The Code Pad is supplied is white plastic housing which is

complimented by an electric blue LED backlighting of the keys and display.

Bosch Gen2 Wireless Detector 

Bosch Quad detector

Model: RFPR-12

Wireless PIR works with Bosch Wireless Reciever 

Wall to Wall coverage –
Superior catch performance within 12m x 12m (40ft x 40ft) coverage area

Flexible Mounting Height, No Adjustments –

Reduce installation time and false alarms, improve catch performance

Pet Immunity up to 13kg (30 lbs)
Operational up to 5 years with one user replaceable CR123A battery
Supervised for low-battery, cover-tamper, and removal from mounting

surface tamper conditions.

IP Module

IP Module

Features of IP Module

The IP module will allow an SMS to be sent to your mobile on alarm events via the IFob app.

Siren Kit Choice

Bosch slimline siren choice Bosch Standard Siren Kit

Bosch Slimline siren kit

Ideal for apartments

Bosch Standard Siren Kit

Ideal for houses

K0011 (Slimline)

All in one LED plastic cover with built in speaker.
Tamper for both sirens

K0007 (Standard)

White plastic siren box
Horn Speaker
LED Flashing Light

Both kits come with these accessories

  • Plug pack for control panel
  • Installation manual and User Guide
  • Resistors
  • Dialler plug for land line fixed.
  • Top hat piezo, internal screamer 
  • (Flushmounted siren is additional)
  • 12 Volt back up battery
  • 3 x CTC Communications High resolution alarm Warning stickers


For installation pricing click here to request a free quote

File Downloads

Bosch Detectors
(Size: 226.8 KB) Downloads: 772
Bosch Detector Comparison guide
(Size: 328.4 KB) Downloads: 420
Bosch Wireless PIR Detector Radion, RFPR-12 Datasheet
Bosch Panels
(Size: 680 KB) Downloads: 1347
Bosch Solution 6000 brochure
(Size: 1.5 MB) Downloads: 1129
Bosch Solution Alarm control Smartphone Application
(Size: 168.1 KB) Downloads: 2975
Bosch Solution 6000 Home Alarm System, Programming Cheat Sheet
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