Wireless phone jacks


Is your house a total clutter of cables and wires? Do you struggle with cords and connections stretched across the floor in every room of the house,

just so you can connect your internet-reliant gadgets and technology to the nearest available phone line?

Not only is this situation unsightly, it's also dangerous as people can be seriously injured if they trip over loose cables. 

So what's the solution? Well, if you thought that you would have to hire a professional electrician to install a whole bunch of new phone connections in order to get around this problem, think again.

The Wireless PhoneJack set allows you to create a high-speed, reliable connection without the need for wires or complicated electrical work.

All you need to do is plug one half of the PhoneJack into a power socket and the other half into your telephone connection. Then plug your web-capable device into the half of the PhoneJack that is connected to the power socket and you're ready to go

The wireless PhoneJack is a great investment for businesses as well, who might want to add an extra connection in a different part of the office but don't want to have to pay for expensive installation procedures.

The wireless PhoneJack boasts a range of up to 50 metres when used indoors and an astonishing 300 metres in an outdoor environment, and is capable of transmitting modem signals at speeds of up to 56 Kbit/s.

So if you are looking to unclutter your home or office, or even just need an extra connection at low cost with zero installation fuss, then the wireless PhoneJack might just be the gadget of your dreams. 

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