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Connect O2 Temperature Control

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Connect O2 Temp Control

Connect O2 Temperature Control


CryptiX™ Temperature Range Sensor

Provides reliable detection of extreme high or low temperature conditions. This can be configured to report either the low temperature, or both conditions as independent zones.


  • Can be used as just Freeze, Freeze + Overheat, or just Overheat.
  • Freeze Warning under 5 °C
  • Overheat Warning over 38 °C
  • Custom Temperatures available based on volume, such as Freezer Failure.
  • GE version gives 2 IDs, Honeywell version gives 2 loops.
  • First ID or Loop alarm indicates “freeze” Temperature less than 5 °C
  • Second ID or Loop alarm indicates “overheat” greater than 38 °C
  • 8-10 year battery life on CR123A battery.
  • Low Battery indication. ·
  • Dimensions 8.3cm x 3.5cm x 2.8cm

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