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Connect O2 Wireless alarm system delux package, GSM + Ethernet Connectivity, Delux packages, 5 Detectors, 1 reed, 2 remotes

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The first fully wireless system that can be installed anywhere in the home to deliver interactive security and home automation services - one hub, so many uses.
Helix Fully Wireless Alarm system

Package includes:
1 x Wireless alarm panel Helix
5 x Wireless PIR Detectors Pet Friendly (RE610P)
1 x Wireless Reed switch (RE622)
1 x Zwave device
2 x Remote control
1 x 3G GSM connection.
1 x Ethernet Connectivity

System includes pre-programming
Free tech support to install in your home.

 Helix Connect O2 Alarm Package

Helix Connect O2 Fully Wireless Alarm system

Package includes: 

1 x Wireless alarm panel Helix

5 x Wireless PIR Detectors Pet Friendly (RE610P)

1 x Wireless Reed switch (RE622)

2 x Remote controls

1 x Zwave device

System included pre-programming

from our security technician and free tech support to install in your home.

Smart phone App

Cloud subscription is an addtional $20.00 per month.





 Helix Features


Completely Wireless & Flexible

Helix wireless smart home platform is fully self-contained panel
that can be placed anywhere in the home, whether
by the router or in a closet. It's simple to use, easy to add devices and
stomise your SMART HOME for a SMARTER LIFE! 

Helipad Keypad (White) Features

 Connect o2 keypad


The Helipad™ provides a Bluetooth Smart RF connection between the keypad and the Helix panel ensuring full status reporting on an e-ink display. An innovative capacitive touch screen ensures a clean and modern appearance.


  • Features
  • Bluetooth Smart RF Connection
  • Full status reporting
  • E-ink display
  • Innovative capcitive touch interface
  • Clean and modern appearance.
  • 2-4 years battery life using user replaceable AAA
  • 11.4cm x 7.1cm x 1.9cm

    Wireless Detector, C02-RE610P: Features



    Connect o2 detector 

    PYROFLEX™ PIR Sensor

    • Be notified if there is any unexpected movement in your home
    • Pet-tolerant advanced PIR motion sensor
    • PYROFLEX™ IR sensor and HighBar™ signal processing for superior performance
    • 2 (two) 27Kg Pet Immunity; up to 38Kg
    • 15m range and 90 degree field of view (45 degrees to each side)
    • Mountable on Flat-wall, 45 degree corner, or swivel/gimbal (sold separately)
    • Walk test LED
    • ***Unique external contact on separate wireless ID***
    • 6-8 year battery life on 1-CR123 Lithium battery
    • Cover tamper
    • Low Battery indication
    • Strong, reliable RF signal
    • 6.3cm x 11.4cm x 5cm


      Reed Switch Wireless CO2 RE622


       Connect O2 reed swtich


      NANOMAX™ Door/Window Sensor

      • Be notified when someone enters a restricted area
      • Know if doors, windows or drawers open
      • Transmits power at the full FCC limits, maximizing range
      • Support for an external contact
      • 2.54cm magnet gap
      • Cover tamper
      • 6+ year battery life
      • 4.5cm x 2cm x 1cm


        Helix 5 Year Warranty

        5 year warranty

        Helix  intrusion products are covered 5 years warranty from the date of purchase

        Labour is not covered under warranty or postage

        CTC Communications offer a 1 year warranty on labour when the system is installed by us.

         Why Purchase from CTC Communications


        Certififed Partner with O2 Connect
        For sale and distribution of this alarm system.

        We are fully licensed to sell, supply and install alarms
        Master Security Licence: 000101992 CTC Communications Australia Pty Ltd
        NECA Member –
        We are a member of the National Electrical & Contractors Association

        Experienced –
        We have over 40 years experience in the Security industry.
        Trusted name in Security since 1993

        Free Tech-Support online Support Centre

         DIY installation, finally an alarm system I can do on my own.


        Yes you can install this product yourself, the system has been preprogrammed, all you need to do is mount the   equipment, install the app and away you go.



        Optional products available for the Helix alarm system


        Home Automation

        Door locks

        Temperature Control

        Disaster Sensor

        Z Wave module for power point

        Wireless Devices

        Remote controls


        Detector packs

        Tilt Sensor 

        Door Lock

        Glass break

        Reed Switches

        Panic button

        Night arm keypad

        External siren





        No cable or siren is required for this installation.


        Connect O2 Plans

        The alarm system is a DIY Kit and comes with Technician support to install this product

        Note: All panels must be connected to the Connect O2 service or Monitoring station with a Securenet Receiver installed.

        Cloud service is by monthly subscription $20.00 per month.

        File Downloads

        Connect O2
        (Size: 3 MB) Downloads: 301
        Connect O2 Brochure
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