Acoustic Shock Protection

Acoustic shock is a world-wide phenomenon that has been increasing in line with the expansion of the contact centre industry. With the proliferation of contact centres came a dramatic increase in the use of headsets which are a major contributing factor in the incidence of acoustic shock syndrome.

Acoustic Shock Syndrome occurs when a headset user is exposed to a sudden and unexpected loud noise or high pitched sound, usually in the frequency range 1kHz - 4kHz.

It is the sudden and unexpected onset of these sounds which is the cause of acoustic shock. Using a headset increases the risk of dangerous exposure to high pitched sounds because a headset, unlike a traditional phone handpiece, cannot be dropped or quickly removed from the ear as soon as the noise is heard.

Simply being exposed to constant loud noise through a headset cannot cause acoustic shock. This may cause long term hearing damage, but not acoustic shock injury.

Examples of high-pitched tones or acoustic shrieks:

  • - Incorrectly dialled fax machines.
  • - Maliciously generated noises - screaming or blowing a whistle down the line.
  • - Feedback or oscillations between a cordless phone and its base station.
  • - Mobile phone interference.
  • - Faults on the telephone line that cause loud shrieks from the Public Switched Network.
  • - Callers dropping their handset on to a desktop.
  • - Provides Total Shriek Rejection through Polaris' all new patented Sonaronsoftware.
  • - HD Wideband sound quality.
  • - Intuitive colour Touchscreen and user interface - this includes Volume Control, Microphone Level, Tone, Display and PC/Desk-phone Switching.
  • - Easily switches between desk-phone and PC - perfect for contact centres who implement Online Training Programmes such as e-Learning or Quality Assurance Training, as well as those with UC capabilities.
  • - Includes Noise Dosimetry which collects sound data for analysis - this data can be viewed in easy-to-read Graphs through Soundstat software.
  • - Supervisor Port enables trouble-free monitoring of active calls.
  • - Sound Level Limiter protects you from long term exposure to loud noise.
  • -Power 'Brown Out' Protection Circuitry (ensures that headset users are not at risk of Acoustic Shock even during a drop in the electrical power supply).
  • - Plug & play solution assures Universal Compatibility with all host handsets.
  • - Full ongoing support through Polaris' Acoustic Safety Programme
  • - 5 year warranty.
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