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Golmar Smartphone Intercom, security in your hand

A smart high quality 2-wire digital video intercom system, with easy wiring and an intuitive user interface.

Viewing from your intercom door station to your smartphone, day or night.

Intercom kit specifically developed for small to medium size residential homes.

Expandability for up to 2 door stations and 4 monitors.

Screen visitors before you invite them into your home.

Integrated WiFi Connectivity

Mobile App – G2Call.

  • Link your Android/iOS smartphone with Soul/7W Kit
  • Answer calls from the entry station door and open the door remotely
  • Download 'G2Call' from Google Play or App store

  • Large 7" touchscreen provides crisp, clear detail of your caller

    Call forwarding through WiFi to smartphones

  • Answer and open your door from the on-site master or your mobile device
  • On-site monitor ensures calls get answered or recorded
  • Increase call storage by adding a MicroSD card to the on-site monitor
  • Vandal resistant surface mounted door statoin reated (IK-07)
  • Weatherproof door staton raterd (IP44)
  • Intercommunication with other units
  • Internal storage up to 100 photos
  • Micro SD for additional storage
  • Non-polarized 2 wire system

  • Vandal Resistant Door Station

    Model: SOUL/1 door station is equipped with a 120º camera and a metallic push button.
    SOUL/1 has a built-in light sensor that automatically illuminates at night, thanks to the incorporation of a photoelectric cell that also acts as the lighting LEDs for the camera.

    The door station is also equipped with LEDs indicating the function icons that displays the status of the system.

    Additionally you can connect to an analogue CCTV camera for added security.

    The door station is beautifully designed with an anti-vandal surface mounted panel in a zamak graphite finish.

  • 120º camera
  • Built-in RFID reader up to 20 users
  • Door lock activation through 12V DC output
  • Programmable output time
  • Second lock activation through 5Amp relay Programmable relay time
  • Analogue CCTV camera input
  • Exit button inputProgrammable lock and action time
  • Vandal Resistant IK07
  • Weather Proof IP44

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    1. Golmar Intercom Kit Smartphone Connection 7" Monitor Prox Door Station

      Special Price $583.74 Regular Price $614.46
    2. Golmar 4.3” Monitor with touch buttons for GL-SOUL 7W KIT

      Special Price $209.21 Regular Price $220.22
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    4. Key Fob for Golmar GL-Soul 7W Kit

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    5. Golmar 4 outputs video distributor for GL-SOUL 7W Kit

      Special Price $100.95 Regular Price $106.26
    6. Rosslare Keypad, Backlit, Vandal, IP65, AYCQ54B

      Special Price $181.21 Regular Price $190.75
    7. FSH Electric Door Strike Non Monitored Rim Mount FES15

      Special Price $209.41 Regular Price $220.43
    8. Door Strike Padde Fire Rated Electric Door Strike ES200 12 volt

      Special Price $279.14 Regular Price $293.83
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    10. FSH Electric Door Strike Non-Monitored FES10

      Special Price $158.99 Regular Price $167.37
    11. FSH Electronic Door Strike Non Monitored 12/24vdc, FES20

      Special Price $263.03 Regular Price $276.88
    12. Golmar 7’’ Monitor for GL-SOUL 7W Kit with WiFi, GL-ART7W

      Special Price $417.58 Regular Price $439.56
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