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Kocom Colour Hands Free Video 7" Wide Screen + Slimline door station, KCV-D372, 2 WIRE Black Frame

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Kocom colour Hands Free Video door phone with digital colour
7” LCD Hands Free Widescreen
Door Station slimline, KC-MC11
Supports up to 2 monitors, 1 camera, 2 locks.

Kocom intercoms

When it comes to ensuring the safety and security of your home and family,

your options are not just limited to alarm systems and CCTV. 

Kocom intercoms give peace of mind to Australian homeowners 

Improve control and security in your home with just one touch though

Kocom's latest range of communication solutions.
Encased with refined designs and intelligent features,

Kocom's award winning range of intercom and outdoor stations

are assured to compete any home. 

Monitor for KCV-D372, 2 wire Kit

Kocom Colour Hands Free Video 7" Wide Screen + Slimline Door Station, KCV-D372, 2 WIRE Black Frame

Compact, slim & stylish design

Digital Color 7" LCD Handsfree VDPSupports up to

2 screens, 2 door strikes, 1 camera
On Screen Display (OSD) - Call, Monitor, Talk, Door open, and

LCD settings are visible on screen

Ultra low power consumption (0.7W on standby)
Easy & simple installation with only 2 wires, no polarity
Diagnostic tone and message in case of wrong connection,

disconnection or camera problem

Kocom Door Station 2 wire KC-MC11

Kocom Door Station Slimline 2 wire KC-MC11

House call by household 

• House & Lobby Call
• High-resolution image

2 Year Warranty

Kocom intercoms come with a 2 year warranty

exclusions are labour and freight costs, unless dead on arrival. 

Installations by CTC Communications

Need This Product Installed?

- Professionally trained and licensed security technicians can

Install your intercom system for a fixed price.

- Intercom installation are not available for two storey homes without existing cabling.

- Call 1300 552 282

- Note: Installations are for Sydney Metropolitan Areas only.

- Penrith Area discounted installation.

Cable Recommendation

Cable 2 Wire Figure 8

We are selling this equipment on the intention that the buyer

will have it professionally installed by a professional security company.

    Kocom Intercom Warranty

    • Kocom intercoms are covered by a 2 year Manufacturer Warranty.
    • Exclusion are labour for installed by others.
    • CTC Communications provides a 1 year warranty on labour when the intercom is installed by our Team.
    • Freight Cost is excluded from Warranty, unless the product is dead upon arrival.

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