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Risco 2 Way expander

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Risco 2 Way expander

EL 2-Way Input/Output Wireless Expander


The 2-Way Wireless Input/ Output Expander serves two purposes; as an extension module enabling wired devices to be connected to the iConnect 2-Way Control System and permitting programmable outputs, thus allowing the connection of auxiliary electrical devices to the iConnect system which can be controlled either using the smartphone app or a keyfob.


Technical Specifications

  • Model Name: EL4770
  • Bi-directional wireless communication
  • 8 zone inputs (NO, NC, EOL, DEOL)
  • Up to 2 per system, meaning up to 16 wired zones + 2 on the iConnect 2-Way main board
  • 2 auxiliary parallel outputs 12 volts@1000mA per expander
  • PGM-Programmable Outputs: Dry contact, 1A@30VDC,0.5A@25VDC
  • Fully supervised
  • Dual tamper protection (Box & Wall)
  • Stand alone with local power (no need to run wires to the panel)
  • Includes a polycarbonate box
  • Optional back-up battery 12V/7AH
  • Frequency: 868 and 433 MHz

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