Risco Digisense PIR Pet

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Risco Digisense PIR Pet

DigiSense™ Digital Detector SeriesDigiSense DT Pet PIR detector


DigiSense™ is the ideal choice for both commercial and residential installations. Based on RISCO Group's advanced detection technologies, DigiSense™ is designed to assure superior catch performance and false alarm immunity.

Due to their identical and compact housing, the installer can mix and match the various technologies of DigiSense™ detectors in one installation while maintaining the same overall look. 


  • 15m (50’) coverage, 12m (40’) for pet friendly models
  • Microprocessor-based Digital Signal Processing
  • Built-in EOL resistors
  • True Temperature Compensation
  • Ample wiring space for easy installation
  • Free swivel provided with PIR & Quad models
  • Variable Pet Threshold (VPT™) in Pet Friendly models
  • DT models include Tri-colour LED for easy walk test and anti-fluorescent interference signal processing
  • Optional corridor and curtain lenses
  • Model names:
  • RK415DT DigiSense DT
  • RK415DTQ DigiSense DT Quad
  • RK412DTPT DigiSense DT Pet
  • RK415DTAM DigiSense DT “OR” Logic
  • RK415PR DigiSense PIR
  • RK415PQ DigiSense QUAD
  • RK412PT DigiSense PIR Pet
  • LLPL02 DigiSense Corridor lens* 20m x 6°
  • LLPL03 DigiSense Curtain lens* 15m x 6°
  • RA90 Ceiling swivel for DigiSense DT models*
  • RA91 Wall/ corner swivel for DigiSense DT models*
  • *Not applicable for Pet Models

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