Rosslare Standalone 4 to 8-Digit PIN Backlit, Vandal Resistant & Weather Resistant

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Supports 4 to 8-Digit PIN Credentials. Large, Highly-Visible BLUE Backlit Keypad. 8 Selectable PIN Transmission Modes Back and Cover Optical Tamper Detection and Output 120mm(h) x 76mm(w) x 21mm(d) Non stocked item, please allow an additional day for delivery.
AYC-Q54BConvertible Anti-Vandal Backlit PIN Reader / ControllerPart of the Convertible line of readers / controllers, this unit can be operated as an outdoorbacklit keypad reader, which connects to any standard controller, or else it converts into afully featured, 500-users stand-alone controller when connected to Rosslare’s PS-x5 family ofintelligent power supply/relay units. This unit provides a most effective solution for indoorand outdoor access systems where PIN credentials are required. This attractive looking yetrobust model features unique shiny blue illuminated metal keys on a metallic, epoxy filled,sealed housing.
For greater peace of mind, this sturdy access controlunit provides a rugged keypad with advanced accesscontrol features, in an aesthetically-designed housing.The AYC-Q54B offers programmable PIN transmissionformats, LED Control and tamper detection, providingextra security and flexibility.Come rain or shine, this unit can handle the challenge,with its extremely-strong metallic housing andwaterproof enclosure for maximum durability.The backlit keypad, with its auto-dimming options isclearly visible day or night, making these units ideal forresidential and commercial applications.
Supports 4 to 8-Digit PIN credentials.• Smooth, attractive design, with allweatherindoor and outdoor operation.• Large, highly-visible BLUE BacklitKeypad.• 2 tri-colored LEDs and an integralsounder for programming and operation.• User friendly menu, based on keypad,LED and sounder indicators.• Back and Cover Optical tamper detection andoutput.• Automatically recognizes Rosslare’sPS-x5 intelligent power supply familyconverting it into a 500-user stand-alonecontroller with secure relays.
8 Selectable PIN transmission modesincluding options for Key stream, Binary,Parity, and 3x4 Matrix.• Comes with a mounting and drillinglabel, security screw, and tool set toprevent unauthorized opening.• 60 cm (23.6 in.) shielded interfacecable.
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