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Bosch Solution 6000 IP Upgrade Kit, PCB ,Keypad + IP Module

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Bosch Solution 6000 IP Upgrade Kit

Kit Content :

  • Bosch PCB included

  • Bosch CP700B keypad included.

  • Bosch 6000 IP module included.

  • No detectors included in the kit.

  • No Sirens , no power supply, no battery included.

Bosch Solution 6000 IP Upgrade Kit, PCB ,Keypad + IP Module

CC610PB Solution 6000 Control Panel

  • 16 on-board zones (expandable to 144 wired or wireless), partitionable to 8 areas with 256 PIN, token, keyfob and fingerprint users
  • Integrated access control for up to 16 doors
  • Proximity key pads, Weather-proof external metal keypads, Internal & External LAN readers & Fingerprint 
Voltage Input 16-18V A.C 50-60Hz – 24VA External Power Adaptor or 220-240V A.C. to 18V A.C 50-60Hz – 24VA Internal Transformer (Primary Power Source)
Continuous Power 1 Amp MAX (Combined power drawn from Accessory Power (+12V) LAN Power (Module LAN+) and Output Power (C+) terminals must not exceed 1 Amp.
Alarm Power 4 Amp (Total with primary and secondary power sources fitted)
Stand-by Battery 12 VDC, 7.2AH sealed rechargeable battery – Panasonic LC-P127R2P or equivalent. (Secondary Power Source). Dispose of used batteries according to instructions.
Min Operating Voltage 10.2 VDC
Battery Charger Pulse by pulse charger. (Note: Charge voltage cannot be measured unless battery is fitted.)
Module Connection (RS485 LAN) Max. total LAN length using multi strand security cable = 300mMax. total LAN length using 2 pair twisted shielded data cable (Belden 8723) = 1200m.See the product installation manual for complete wiring instructions.
Telephone Connections RJ-12 Socket or 4-way terminal
Communications CID, SIA, SMS, Email, Voice, Domestic Dialling, GSM-CID, GSM-SMS, Connetix IP, CSV-IP
Environmental Considerations  
Temperature 0o to 55oC
Relative Humidity 5 to 85% non-condensing

Solution 6000 Standard Graphic Keypads

Choose from either black or white.

Bosch 6000 Keypad
  • Large graphical display with LED backlight, with real time clock and temperature display
  • Up to 4 lines of 20 characters and icons, with dedicated On, OFF and PART keys
  • Alphanumeric text prompting / programming with custom installer static display screen
  • Adjustable volume, backlight and contrast
  • Terminal block connections



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