Premium Cordless Phones

 Elegance meets intelligence – a world of ultimate performance.

Our ultra modern suite of high-class, high-performance phones caters for those with the most sophisticated of tastes. Designed in contemporary, elegant style, our finest phones will look at home in the smartest of environments. With cutting-edge technology, brilliant sound and innovative features for more convenience, our truly aspirational range allows you to enjoy so much more than just phoning.

 Comfort Cordless Phones

 Ergonomic and flexible – phones that adapt to you. Indulging in long, carefree conversation is easy with our smart comfort range. Designed for living, these phones are a pleasure to handle and come generously equipped with helpful features to make staying in touch even more leisurely. With a phone so comfortable and dependable, you can relax and let the conversation flow.

 Essential Cordless Phones

 High quality and ease – purely fulfilling your needs.If you simply want to make straightforward calls, look no further than our quality range of classic phones. Most importantly, our phones are designed for convenience so you will find 

them uncomplicated and reliable, with a smart look to suit any home. Equipped with several helpful features, everyday calling becomes an even more pleasant experience.

Siemens Additional Handsets    Duo Packs

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