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Screamers and Sirens

Sirens for Home Alarm Systems

Sirens are your first line of defense for your home alarm system, available with a blue flashing light which operated once the alarm is activated.

Piezoelectrical properties, the piezo secreamers emit a high frequency oscillating siren intolerable to the human ear to help stop intruders in your home. Piezo screamers installed onto your alarm system can be recessed or flush mounted into your ceiling.

Alarm sirens can be both internal and external, Bosch home alarm systems come in both a slimline siren or regular standard box siren, both with LED strobe light.

For internal use a piezo electrical sirens are used to deter offenders with the noise extremely loud from and internal siren. Flush mounted internal screamers are very discreet within your home and often resemble down lights, these seem to be more popular with new home builds.

Risco home alarm systems have the option of using a Wireless Outdoor and indoor siren for their home alarm systems.

Choose from leading manufacturer brands Bosch and Risco for your home security Sirens.

Which Siren Box to choose for your home?