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Alarm System Troubles FAQ's

Alarm System Troubles Frequently Asked Questions

How to change master code

Adding a pin

Step 1) Enter the four digit master code followed by MENU
Step 2) Type in 1-1-2 the keypad will prompt you to the next available user code press ’OK’.
Step 3 ) Enter the four digit code you want to use followed by ‘OK’.

Deleting a pin

Step 1) Enter the four digit master pin code.
Step 2) Type in menu 1-1-3 and select which code you wish to delete and press ‘OK’.
Step 3) press ‘OK’ to delete the code listed.
Step 4) Hold down ’MENU’ to return to the main screen.

Checking a trouble condition

At the keypad, press the down key. If the panel has any issues they will appear here. Using the down arrow key, navigate to the trouble and select it with the ‘OK’ key. This will take you to a screen with further information of the trouble. 

Changing mobile number for SMS notification

Step 1) Enter the four digit master code followed by MENU
Step 2) Enter 5-1-1 press OK
Step3) select which mobile number you wish to change press OK
Step 4) Enter the new mobile number press OK to save
Step 5) hold down MENU to return to the home screen .

If you wish to delete a mobile number follow steps 1-3 once you have pressed OK on the mobile number press the OFF button to delete press OK and hold MENU to exit back to the main screen

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