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Ruijie Networks

Ruijie Networks specialises in providing network infrastructure solutions.

They offer a range of networking products, including switches, routers, wireless access points, security devices, and more. Ruijie switches are designed to support various network sizes and applications, catering to enterprise, data center, and campus networks.

Ruijie Networks

Ruijie Networks has been at the forefront of building in-depth scenario-oriented application experience through solution design and industry innovation. They have been instrumental in assisting industries with their digital transformation. Ruijie dedicates its efforts to research and development, design, and sales of network devices, network security products, and cloud desktop solutions, offering a comprehensive range of networking products and services. 

Popular products

Let's take a closer look at some of their popular product lines, including their switches, routers, wireless access points, security devices, network management software, and now, some additional devices: 

Network Switches

Switches: Ruijie offers a variety of Ethernet switches, ranging from access switches to aggregation switches and core switches. These switches are designed to deliver high performance, scalability, and reliability for different network sizes and applications, catering to the needs of various organizations.


Routers: Ruijie provides routers suitable for small to large-scale networks, offering features like WAN connectivity, security, and advanced routing protocols. These routers are essential components in building robust and secure networks.

 Wireless Access Points

Wireless Access Points: Ruijie's wireless access points are designed to provide seamless and high-speed wireless connectivity for both indoor and outdoor environments. With the inclusion of the RG-EST310 Ruijie Reyee Wireless Bridge 2-Pack and RG-EST350 Ruijie Reyee Long Range Wireless Bridge 2-Pack, customers can extend their network coverage over long distances, enabling secure and reliable connections between remote locations. 

Security Devices: Ruijie understands the importance of network security and offers a range of security appliances to protect networks from various threats. This includes firewalls and intrusion detection/prevention systems to ensure data and network integrity. 

Network Management Software

: Ruijie provides software solutions for efficient management and monitoring of their networking devices. This empowers network administrators to optimize network performance and quickly respond to any issues that may arise. 

RG-RAP6262-G Ruijie Reyee Outdoor Omni-Directional Access Point (No PoE Injector): This access point is designed for outdoor environments, providing reliable and high-speed wireless connectivity over a wide coverage area. It is perfect for public Wi-Fi deployments, industrial settings, and other outdoor scenarios. 

RG-ES226GC-P Ruijie Reyee 26 Port PoE+ Switch: This PoE+ switch offers 26 Ethernet ports with Power over Ethernet (PoE+) support, enabling both data and power transmission over a single Ethernet cable. This simplifies the deployment of PoE-powered devices like IP cameras, VoIP phones, and wireless access points. 

Ruijie's commitment to continuous innovation and application-driven networking solutions has positioned them as a reliable partner for organizations seeking efficient and secure networking infrastructure. However, as the networking industry evolves

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