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IDIS is a global security company that designs, develops, and manufactures surveillance solutions for a wide range of commercial and public sector markets.

The IDIS total surveillance solution meets the needs of an increasingly demanding security landscape. IDIS provides the benefit of an end-to-end, highest-quality total surveillance solution and delivers innovation that is user-friendly, flexible, scalable, and is able to meet every surveillance need—all with unrivalled performance, quality, and low total cost of ownership.

Network Cameras

IDIS Turret surveillance cameras feature exceptional infrared distance and either fixed lens or motorised varifocal lenses.

Surveillance cameras connect to network video recorders, viewing on Surveillance Cameras can be done on a security monitor or smartphone device.

Camera features such as ICR and True Wide Dynamic Range feature in the turret surveillance cameras, to help the camera take better photos in low light conditions.


IDIS Turret Surveillance Cameras carry a 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Camera Styles

Idis offer a range of cctv surveillance camera styles including 

Surveillance cameras come in various styles, each designed to suit specific surveillance needs and environments. Here are some common surveillance camera styles:

1. Bullet Cameras:

  • Bullet cameras are cylindrical in shape and typically mounted on walls or ceilings.
  • They are characterized by their sleek and compact design, resembling a bullet.
  • Bullet cameras are suitable for outdoor surveillance due to their weatherproof and vandal-resistant construction.
  • They often feature infrared (IR) night vision and long-range lenses for capturing clear images in low-light conditions and over long distances.

2. Dome Cameras:

  • Dome cameras are enclosed in a dome-shaped housing, making them less conspicuous and tamper-resistant.
  • They are commonly used for indoor surveillance in retail stores, offices, and other commercial settings.
  • Dome cameras offer a wide field of view and can rotate or tilt to cover a larger area.
  • They may feature vandal-resistant and weatherproof housing for outdoor use.

3. Turret Cameras

  • Turret-style cameras, also known as "eyeball" cameras, are a type of security camera characterized by their dome shape with a flat lens on one side. Unlike traditional dome cameras, turret cameras do not have a protective glass dome cover, which makes them less prone to glare and reflections.
NDAA Compliant

IDIS offer a range of NDAA compliant security products, check out our blog for more info on NDAA compliance


Installation of IDIS Surveillance products from our professional security team in Seven Hills and servicing surrounding suburbs Sydney Wide.

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