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Home Alarm Systems

CTC Communication presents the best Home Alarm Systems that secures you with advanced sensors, monitoring even the slightest movement in your premises, giving you peace of mind security protection.

Our cutting-edge home security systems can connect to the internet, integrate with home security cameras, video doorbells, and a wide range of security system sensors, providing a total security solution for your home or business.

For home security, choose from the top brands Bosch, Hikvision, RiscoHills Reliance and DSC which will keep you safe and secure 24/7.

The home alarm system motion detectors trigger an immediate alarm when in arm mode and sends alert whenever a susceptible activity occurs.

Pet Friendly Sensors

Pet friendly sensors protect against false alarms.

The security system uses these advanced sensors with superior technology that can distinguish between human movement and pet movement, reducing the likelihood of a false alarm.

Motion Detectors

Large selection of Motion Detection Options for your Smart Home

The system’s main panel is the central hub that controls all of its components. It also supports other detectors, such as motion detectors, glass break detectors, vibration sensors, reed switches, smoke alarms, and more that are included in the home alarm systems.

CCTV Integration

Integrate your surveillance system with your security system

Security alarms systems now have the ability to integrate security cameras, including some with motion detection capabilities. These brands include Hikvision, DSC Security, and Risco Security.

No matter what your budget is, we have a solution for you and the best part is that these systems are quite easy to set up and can be combined with surveillance packages and other smart alarm systems of your home to keep you and your family members safe and sound.

So, choose the ultimate home alarm systems from our collection of products and monitor what's happening in and around your home effortlessly!

Our expert staff are fully equipped to answer all your questions and find the most suitable security solution for you.

Your home alarm system, when combined with surveillance cameras and security detection systems, provides the ultimate protection for your home and family.

Hikvision AX Pro Wireless Alarm system has the option of camera detectors, powered by Hikvision’s IVaaS technology, home- or business-owners can verify alarms by watching video clips or GIF imaging when they are away from the property, staying confident and informed. 

Installation Team

For a quality and reliable security system installation in Sydney, trust the team at CTC Communications. With over 30+ years of experience, we can provide you with the best possible service.

Shop online for Home Alarm Systems for delivery Australia Wide at Best Price.

Back to Base Monitoring

Back to base alarm monitoring is offered though our 24/7 Control Room or Smartphone enabled alarm system allow you to self monitor your alarm system.

Videos Home Alarms Smartphone App

Check our our video on the Alarm System Smartphone App.

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CCTV Installations- CTC Communications

Quality & Reliable Installation Team Sydney Wide

CTC Communications is the trusted name in Security Installations, installing and upgrading security systems for over 25+ years.

We are a Seven Hills based company with customer satisfaction our highest priority. Installing Security CCTV Surveillance Systems. Fully Licenced and Certified

CTC Communications services a wide variety of security equipment and staff both in-house and field personnel who have an average of 15 years experience in servicing security equipment. All our employees hold ACMA cabling providers and have a minimum Class 2BC Security License. Guarantee of quality installation providing installer and manufacturer warranty.

Master Security Licence: 000102543 Mantr Group Pty Ltd, ASIAL Member: Australian Security Industry Association Limited.