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Panasonic Intercoms for Home

Panasonic Video Intercoms for home are ideal for screening visitors at your door, with wide angle cameras, wireless handsets and voice changing ability from the door station camera.

Choose from a wide selection of quality intercom monitors available in a 5" & 7" size with portable wireless intercom handsets

Screening visitors at your door, can allow you to deny any unsavory characters quickly and easily with minimal confrontation, even better to disguise your voice with the voice changer. 

The Picture Memory function works by taking an image of your guest at your door station and displays on your internal monitor until you clear the image. 

The Panasonic intercom system provides many additional layers of security to your home with features such as voice changer, auto picture recording and electronic door unlocking, feel safe and secure with Panasonic.

Access Control 

Access Control at your finger tips, alternatively, if your visitor is a friend or family member who you were expecting and you are happy to let them inside, you can even electronically unlock the door using the intuitive touch screen display.

Door Stations 

The Panasonic door stations come in two different styles, choose from recessed door stations or a surface mounted door station. The door stations are fixed outside your home, some with a stylish stainless steel finish.

Door station cameras come with night vision, see who is at your door even in the dark.

Door stations with wide angle cameras can see many visitors to your door from the internal monitor station, whether it be mounted to your wall or a wireless handset.

Door stations are hard wired to the monitor station in either category cabling or two wires depending upon their configuration. 

  • Cable Cat 5e for Intercoms 
  • Security Cable Fig 8

Intercom Monitors 

Hard Wired

Panasonic intercom Monitor stations can either be hard wired or wireless. 

The internal monitor station styles come with a variety of styles including touch screens and wireless intercom handsets, some with IP intercoms.

Intercom Monitors Wireless Handsets

Wireless handsets are ideal for answering the front door away from a designated hard wired monitor.

Childcare centers and large properties find the wireless colour monitors extremely beneficial for screening visitors, with the ability to make visual verifications, prior to unlocking the electronic door latch on the wireless handset.

Wireless Handsets are available for the following models and sold as additional monitors for these intercom kits.


Downloads and comparison guide

Specifications and brochures for Panasonic Intercoms featuring the following.

  • Key Features
  • Wiring Schematic Diagram
  • Wire Type and length
  • Optional Accessories
  • Specifications
  • Dimensions
  • Installing the door phone
  • Installing Monitor Extension/Monitor

Panasonic Intercom Brochure


Panasonic Intercom Warranty

Panasonic intercoms are covered by a 2 year Manufacturer Warranty.

CTC Communications provides a 1 year warranty on labour when the intercom is installed by us.


When labour for installation is installed by others.

Freight cost is excluded from Warranty, unless the product is dead upon arrival.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Voice Changer Feature?

The one touch voice changer in the Panasonic intercom gives an extra layer of security to your home.

By being able to disguise one's voice, it gives the homeowner the unique safety feature of changing a female voice to a male voice. The voice heard at the main door station will be male.

This feature is also great if children are left unattended at home and need to screen callers to the door, or a female at home.

This function can be activated with one touch during an incoming call using the main extension intercom monitor.

Auto Picture Recording

The main monitor and extension monitor can record station images from up to 50 calls or monitoring sessions (up to 4 still images per visitor/session).


Intercom Installations

Need this product Installed?

Professionally trained and Licensed Security Technicians can install your intercom system for a fixed price.
Intercom installations are not available for two storey homes without existing cabling.
Call 1300 552 282
Note: Installations are for Sydney Metropolitan Areas only.
Seven Hills Area discounted installation