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Bosch Alarm Motion Detectors

Bosch alarm motion detectorsshop by standard PIR, Quad, Tritech, Professional or Ceiling Mount detectors.

A motion detector is a sensor connected to a security alarm system, when triggered it is used to alert the home owner or security service when it detects the motion of a possible intruder.

Tritech motion detectors allow for the movement of pets within your home when an alarm system is active without causing it to alarm.

Detector Options

Choose from multiple hard wired motion detector options.

  • Standard detectors
  • Quad Detectors
  • Tritech Detectors (Pet Friendly 45kg)
  • Professional Detectors
  • Professional Tritech Detectors (Pet Friendly 45kg)
  • 360 Detectors
  • Outdoor Detectors
  • Long Range Detectors

    Choose from two wireless detectors.

  • Wireless detector (Pet Friendly 11kg)
  • Wireless detector (Pet Friendly 45kg)

Bosch Detector Comparison Guide
Detector Types

Bosch alarms have a range of motion detection devices to detect movement, vibration even smoke. 


Bosch Standard Detector

Bosch Quad Detector

Bosch Tritech Detector

Bosch Professional Detector

Bosch Professional Tritech Detector

Bosch Wireless Detector

Bosch Wireless Tritech Detector

Bosch Detector Comparison Guide

Bosch Solution 6000 Home Alarm System Brochures

Residential Brochure

Commercial Brochure


Bosch Motion Detector Video