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Code pads/ keypads are used to arm or disarm your Bosch Security System via inputting a code to de-active the alarm.

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Type of Code Pads

Bosch alarm code pads can be internal or external, some with Wi-Fi function to communicate to your home network.

  • Smart card code pads can be deactivated via a token in place of a security code.
  • Wi-Fi Code Pads communicate to your home wireless network to utilise the smartphone app.
  • External Code Pads are ideal for small business or external garages or sheds.
Solution 2000/3000 Code Pads

The Solution 2000/300  intrusion panels have a variety of code pad options that allow you to tailor the user experience to your style and your home. Four code pad options for the Bosch Solution 2000 and Bosch Solution 3000 alarm system, both use the same code pads.

The Icon code pad IUI-SOL-ICON offers a small and inobtrusive interface to complement the décor of any home. The simple Icons make it easy to identify the status of your
system at all times.

The Text code pad IUI-SOL-TEXT displays information in real text allowing you to quicky identify the cause of any alarm, and even to control multiple household areas
simultaneously (such as separating the main house and an external garage or shed).

The Touchscreen code pads allow you to turn your intrusion panel in to a true lifestyle product with a variety of simple to use and aesthetically pleasing options and additional features, available in 5 inch and 7 inch sizes. 

Bosch Solution 6000 Code Pads

Bosch 6000 in two styles, Smartcard or Wi-Fi Code Pad, an external code pad is also available for the Solution 6000.

Bosch Alarm Code Pads are covered by a 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty.