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Alarm Packages

CTC Communication presents an exceptional selection of home alarm systems, ensuring your safety with cutting-edge sensors that meticulously monitor every motion within your property.

Alarm System

The alarm system promptly triggers an alert whenever it detects any suspicious activity. The devices are equipped with advanced technology that can distinguish between human movements and pet movements, effectively minimizing false alarms.

The main panel serves as the central control for all system components, including glass break detectors, motion sensors, and more. It operates seamlessly to support these elements within the home alarm systems. For added convenience, some panels can be integrated with telephones or portable devices, allowing users to access and manage them from anywhere at any time.


Regardless of your budget, we have a solution tailored for you, and the best part is that these systems are user-friendly and can be seamlessly integrated with surveillance packages and other smart alarm systems in your home, ensuring the safety of you and your family.

Select the perfect home alarm system from our extensive collection of products and effortlessly monitor activities in and around your home.

Our knowledgeable staff is well-prepared to address all your inquiries and help you find the most fitting security solution for your needs.

Leading Brands

At CTC Communications, you will find a complete range of Bosch, Hills, Risco, Hikvision and DSC security systems, kits and products. CCTV camera and CCTV security systems combined with your home alarm system provide the ultimate protection for your home and family, many packages including Bosch and Risco Security have the option to combine camera's with your home alarm system.


Alarm packages are available for delivery Australia Wide and we offer a Home Alarm Installation Sydney Wide, with outstanding deals on installation services.

Back to base alarm monitoring is offered though our 24/7 Control Room or Smartphone enabled alarm system allow you to self monitor your alarm system.


Frequently Asked Questions Bosch Alarm Systems

Smartphone App

Check our our video on the Alarm System Smartphone App.