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Solution 2000 Security Alarm

Simple to Use | Advanced Home Security

Solution 2000

The Bosch Solution 2000 intelligent home security system is easy to use and highly flexible. With smart features and a range of accessories you can start with basic home security, then always keep up to date as needs change.


Bosch Solution 2000 Alarm System, simple to use with plenty of flexibility. NBN ready and smartphone activation optional module (sold separately).

  • Four Code Pad Choices
  • Hard Wired Motion Detector
  • Smartphone Connection Option Via GSM or IP Device
  • Upgrade Kits available
  • Security alarm Installation service available Sydney Wide
Smartphone Connection App

Security at your fingertips with the RSC app

The Bosch Solution 2000 allows for the connection of the RSC app with the addition on an IP module B426m onto the control panel board.

With the addition of the IP Module on the Bosch Solution 2000 alarm system you are able to send push notifications of alarm event to your mobile phone.

  • The RSC app features no ongoing additional costs
  • The app allows for the remote function of arming the alarm system on your phone, should you forget to arm your alarm system.
  • Arm and disarm your system, trigger outputs to run external devices (like roller doors, air conditioning units, or smart lighting systems), or even check what time the kids left in the morning for school or what time your employees opened up the shop – all of these features and more are built into the intuitive and easy to use Bosch RSC + app.
  • Check out our range of ready made IP alarm system Kits with the module included for Smartphone Activations   
  • Bosch Remote controls are available for arming and disarming of your Solution 2000 alarm system.
Motion Detectors

Motion Detectors Options

Choose from three different hard wired detectors kits options for the Solution 2000 alarm system, standard, quad or Tritech motion detectors.

Standard motion detectors provide a single layer detection with 12 metre coverage.

Quad motion detectors provide a dual layer of detection with 12 metre coverage detection.

Tritech motion detectors provide triple detection microwave against intruders with a selection for pets up to 45kg, and superior catch performance.

A total of 8 Motion Detectors sensor can be accommodated on the Solution 2000 alarm panel, these sensors can include glass break sensors, outdoor detector, 360 detectors and reed switches, all adding an extra layer of security to your home.

However no wireless detectors or can be used with the solution 2000 alarm control panel.

Each hard wired motion detector alarm system kit comes with three detectors with the exception of the Touch Screen kits come with two motion detectors, choose between standard, quad or Pet Friendly Tritech.

Remote Controls

Enjoy easy control of your Solution 2000 intrusion panel with the including of wireless keyfobs that allow you to arm & disarm your system, control external outputs and even trigger a panic alarm if you are unable to reach the panel’s code pad.

Remote Control Kit pack comes with 2 Stainless Steel Remotes and Module which connects onto the Solution 2000 control panel

Add on a remote control pack with two remotes for arming and disarming your Bosch Solution 2000 security system.

Upgrade Kits

A simple but clever upgrade solution to your old alarm system, avoid false alarms and get added protection.

Upgrade your existing Bosch Alarm System to the latest 2000 Series System with Bosch's optional smartphone module for App control and alarming.

The Solution 2000 upgrade kits exclude some alarm system components, such as detectors, sirens or power supplies, these components user can re-use if they have an existing Bosch Alarm.


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