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Solution 6000

The Solution 6000 from Bosch Security, offers you the perfect solution for your home or business security, simple to to use.

The Bosch Solution 6000 alarm system comes equipped with sixteen zones for hard wired or wireless devices.

The optional iFob Smartphone app gives users total alarm system control in the palm of their hand, arm or disarm your alarm system from your smartphone, through the IP or GSM network options.

The Bosch Solution 6000 security alarm system offers flexible code pad styles a range of motion detector options to keep your home or business safe and secure 24/7. 

Keypad Choices

The Bosch Solution 6000 security alarm system code pad is just like an ATM- it will prompt and guide you so you can operate your home security system with confidence and ease. 

Choose between smart card keypad or a Wi-Fi code pad.

The Wi-Fi code pads kits have the module to connect to your home internet to use the smartphone app with an iFob subscription plan, for alarm activation via your mobile phone.

  • Smart Card Keypad Kits
  • Wi-Fi Kits
  • Detector Options

    Choose from multiple hard wired motion detector options.

  • Standard detectors
  • Quad Detectors
  • Tritech Detectors (Pet Friendly 45kg)
  • Professional Detectors
  • Professional Tritech Detectors (Pet Friendly 45kg)
  • 360 Detectors
  • Outdoor Detectors
  • Long Range Detectors

    Choose from two wireless detectors.

  • Wireless detector (Pet Friendly 13kg)
  • Wireless detector (Pet Friendly 45kg)
  • Smartphone Connection

    Bosch 6000 Smartphone Connection

    Smart phone capable with SMS push notifications through IP or GSM network.
    Kits available for Smartphone connection.

  • Wi-Fi Kits
  • IP Kits
  • GSM Kits 

    IP Connection is a connection from your home internet network to your security alarm, sending you an alarm activation to your mobile.

    GSM connection is connection to your alarm system through a SIM card and the mobile network.

    iFob Plans
    The Bosch Solution 6000 requires the iFob Control App for Smartphone Control.
  • The iFob control app provides real time control and feedback of compatible IP enabled alarm systems.
  • Multiple sites are supported meaning you can easily interface to your home, your office or your holiday house when required.
  • All events performed via the app are recorded in the system history log and as users are required to log on using their PIN only areas and doors they have access to can be controlled.
  • Currently available in the app store for iOS devices and the Android version is available in the play store. 

    Three Ifob Packages to choose from, all packages incur costing, only one package is a one off fee

    iFob Control, Annual Subscription 
  • $52.80 per year*
  • 12 Months Subscription
  • iFob Control App Access
  • Turns your alarm on/off
  • Assisted Solution-link 

    iFob Control 100 Notifications
  • $199.99 once off charge
  • 100 Notifications per month
  • Up to 10 mobile users
  • iFob Control App Access
  • Turns your alarm on/off
  • Assisted Solution-link 

    Reporting Lite, Annual Subscription
  • $118.80 per year*
  • 12 Months Subscription
  • iFob Control App Access
  • Turns your alarm on/off
  • Assisted Solution-link
  • Email Reporting
  • 1x Email Address
  • Push Notifications to 2 x Mobile Devices
  • Remote Controls

    Remote Controls

    The Bosch Solution 6000 alarm system has an option for remote controls.

  • The Wireless Receiver pack comes standard with two remotes, choose between Stainless Steel or Plastic, both with four buttons.
  • The smart card  keypad allow you to have access tokens, in place of a code to arm or disarm the security system.
  • Alarm Installation

    CTC Communications is the trusted name in Home Alarm Installations, installing and upgrading home alarm systems for over 25+ years.

    Our alarm installation services are Sydney wide including the Western Sydney.

  • We are an award winning local service and trade.
  • Sleep Better At Night Knowing that our Security Alarms Systems Are Giving You 24/7 Protection.
  • The Bosch Solution 2000 alarm system is our best value home alarm system, offering 8 zone protection for your home.
  • We can tailor a package to suit your security needs.

    Why purchase from CTC Communications.
  • We are fully licenced to sell, supply and install security and CCTV alarm systems.
  • Master Security Licence: 000102543 Mantr Group Pty Ltd
  • ASIAL Member: Australian Security Industry Association Limited.
  • We are an award winning local service & trade
  • Over 100 Google Testimonials
  • We offer low price security alarm system installations.
  • We are a Platinum Certified Partner with Bosch Security system and can obtain discounted pricing for their products.
  • 3 Manufacturer Warranty
  • 1 Year Installation Warranty

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  • Brochures/Downloads

    Bosch Solution 6000 Brochure

    Bosch Standard Detector

    Bosch Quad Detector

    Bosch Tritech Detector

    Bosch Professional Detector

    Bosch Professional Tritech Detector

    Choose from two wireless detectors.

    Bosch Wireless Detector

    Bosch Wireless Tritech Detector

    Bosch Detector Comparison Guide

    Bosch Solution 6000 Home Alarm System Brochures

    Residential Brochure

    Commercial Brochure


    Bosch Solution 6000 Smartphone App Video


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