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Hikvision Siren & Screamer

Hikvision sirens and screamers, both internal and external sirens are a fully wireless connection back to the security control panel.

When activated the siren or screamers makes a loud sound to alert to intrusion.

Both internal and external sirens can be added onto the Hikvision AX Pro wireless alarm.

The external siren gives a visual verification via a strobe light, of an alarm event from outside the property. The siren/ outdoor sounder reports back to the control panel wirelessly via a two way communication 433Mhz. It also has an weather proof rating and 110 dB noise.

The internal siren/ sounder is placed within the property with a decibel sound between 90 to 110 dB this is to warn off intruders once they enter your home via its loud noise, it is also fully controllable through the smartphone app.