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Videoman Intercom

Videoman intercoms feature smartphone intercoms, monitors and door stations.

The intercom kit s equipped with a smartphone app with a system capacity that supports up to 4 indoor monitors, 2 door stations, and 2 cameras. This system enables video communication, monitoring, and remote unlocking.

Intercom Kits

Intercom kits are suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial use. These kits typically include all the necessary components for a complete intercom system, such as audio/video door stations, master stations, power supply units, and wiring.


Expand your Intercom kit, the Videoman kit system capacity supports up to 4 indoor monitors, 2 door stations, and 2 cameras. 


Videoman's smartphone intercom allows you to answer a call from your mobile phone to conveniently view your door station.

Videoman Smartphone App for Intercoms

User Manual
Electronic Latch

All intercom kit monitors feature an unlock button, necessitating the implementation of an electronic door strike at the gate or door station for activation. An electronic door strike is the optimal solution for entry to your door/ gate.

Electronic Unlocking

Keypad Entry

Connect a keypad your your electronic latch and provide yourself with access control entry to your property. Ideal for external gates.

Electronic Keypad


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