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Alarm Packages- Bosch Solution 3000- Wireless Motion Detector Kits with 5" Touch Screen

Bosch Solution 3000 wireless motion detector alarm packages include two wireless motion detectors and a 5" Touch Screen Code Pad.

The Touchscreen code pads allow you to turn your intrusion panel in to a true lifestyle product with a variety of simple to use and aesthetically pleasing options.

Our wireless alarm packages are packaged with the option for either stainless steel remotes or plastic remote choice.

Bosch alarm systems offer wireless detectors and wireless reed switches, perfect solution for two storey dwellings where cables to downstairs areas are very difficult, it does however require wired alarm components for the sirens and control panel.

For that reason, it's always a good idea to talk to a trained professional who knows the ins and outs of home security before making a decision.

Alarm Features

The Bosch Solution 3000 home security system is equipped with 16 fully programmable zones for hard wired & wireless detectors and optional remote controls. 

Four keypad styles to choose from an option for smartphone module for alarm activations to your mobile.

Wireless Motion Detectors 

Bosch Wireless Motion detectors come in two Pet Friendly styles, 13kg and 45kg.

Bosch Wireless PIR Detector Radion, RFPR-12- Pet Friendly to 13kg

Battery Life is operational up to 5 years with one user replaceable CR123A battery

Bosch Wireless TriTech Detector, Radion RFDL-11- Pet Friendly to 45kg

Pet Immunity: The detector is able to distinguish between signals caused by humans and signals caused by pets such as a dog up to 45kg (100lb) or two dogs at 27kg (60lb) or up to ten cats. This provides immunity to false alarms while maintaining proper catch performance of human targets.

Check out the Detector Comparison Guide.

Siren Kit Choices

Each Bosch Solution 3000 alarm kit comes with a choice of alarm system external siren kits, Choose between a standard siren or slimline siren kit.

Internal siren kit choice is flush mounted or top hat piezo.

Smartphone Option

Alarm system kits with IP Module, allow for Smartphone notification to your mobile.

Choose from four code pad styles.

Alarm system upgrade kits are available in basic kit or with an IP module.


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