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Business Alarm Security System

Business Security Systems

Our Sydney based security team are highly qualified to service and install commercial business security systems incorporating access control for large commercial, retail and small businesses for over 25+ years.

Get reliable and cost effective business security from our security experts, tailored to your individual security needs.

Business Security Services

We offer the following installation services for business security systems from leading brands in business security including Integriti, Bosch Security, Hills, DSC Alarm Systems.

Whether you are looking to boost your business security measures or you want the added peace of mind that a Access Control solution offers, a professionally-installed system can support your objectives.

Regardless of whether you are a large corporation, retail or a small business owner, CTC Communications can help you create a business security system that gives you the reassurance you need.

Security alarm service and installation, Access Control service and maintenance, Static Guards, Security Patrols and Back to Base monitoring.

Servicing and maintenance of business security alarms, including remote dial in's for access control updating for clients.

CTC Communications services a wide variety of security equipment and staffs both in-house and field personnel whom have an average of 15 years experience in servicing security equipment.

All our employees hold an ACMA cabling providers and have a minimum Class 2BC Security License.

Fully insured and certified installers, including Integriti Certified Technician.

CTC prides itself on providing excellent customer service and encourages all organisations to review our maintenance offerings. We are a Sydney based company with customer satisfaction our highest priority.

Guarantee of quality installation providing installer and manufacturer warranty.

Mobile security patrols or roaming security guards can be a real asset to a business security.
They can also be on call to check alarms for you, so you don’t get called to your site at 2 a.m. for a false alarm!

Our guards can be on shift as a regular patrol, or on a casual basis for extra security cover.

For example, if you are moving offices or happen to have a large amount of stock on site for any given time.

If you require a 24-hr security service, CTC can deliver it for you.

Whether it's a single level site or a multi-level office building, CTC's team will visit your site, assess the security issues and explain the areas which need special focus and suggesting a customised security service plan for you, if required.

Call CTC or Book a Security Guard online 1800 304 982 for 24/7 Security Patrols, Trusted Security Partner.

Security Patrol Services

CTC security guards are not only trained in standard security procedures but also in how to be part of your business.
We see our guards as an extension of your business, so our security guards are briefed on your company culture, your business and expectations from our services.
Every business is different and we look to find just the right staff for your requirements to provide complete value for your investment.

Whether your need guards for controlling traffic, managing a car park, or standing guard at a retail store in the local mall, CTC Security are there to support you all the way. Regular checks, meetings, assessment and feedback keep our standards high.
We ensure that we are in regular communication with our clients, giving reports, feedback, and building a long-term partnership with you.

CTC can provide security guards for Shopping Centers, your retail premises and alarm patrols and responses to your building.

Security Guard Services

CTC provides Security Access Control systems, for business security from pin pad entry systems, keyfob entry to face recongnition systems.
Access control systems provide business users ultimate control of their security systems from being able to allow or deny certain users access to their property, even down to door entry.
CTC offers leading brand access control systems and components for supply and installation.

  • Integriti
  • Sebury
  • X2
  • HID
  • Rosslare
  • Security Patrol Services