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C Series Camera

Experience unparalleled security and cutting-edge technology with the Vivotek C Series Surveillance Cameras.

Engineered to provide exceptional video quality, robust performance, and advanced features, the C Series is the ideal choice for a wide range of security applications.

Vivotek C Series

Vivotek C Series Surveillance Cameras combine advanced technology, durability, and ease of use to deliver top-notch security solutions. Whether for residential, commercial, or industrial applications, the C Series provides reliable and high-quality surveillance to meet your security needs. Trust Vivotek to keep your property safe and secure.


The Vivotek C Series Surveillance Cameras are versatile and ideal for:

  • Residential Security: Safeguard your home with high-definition surveillance and reliable performance.
  • Commercial Properties: Monitor critical areas, prevent theft, and ensure the safety of your business operations.
  • Public Safety: Enhance security in public spaces such as parks, streets, and transit areas with robust surveillance solutions.
  • Industrial Sites: Keep a close watch on your industrial facilities, ensuring safety and security in demanding environments.
Key Features
  1. Ultra-High Definition: Capture every detail with ultra-high-definition resolution. The C Series cameras deliver sharp, clear images that make it easy to identify faces, objects, and important details, even from a distance.

  2. Exceptional Low Light Performance: Vivotek’s advanced low-light technology ensures superior image quality in poorly lit environments. With enhanced sensitivity and powerful infrared (IR) capabilities, these cameras provide clear video footage day or night.

  3. Smart Motion Detection: Reduce false alarms and enhance security with intelligent motion detection. The C Series cameras use sophisticated algorithms to accurately detect movement, distinguishing between humans and other objects.

  4. Wide Dynamic Range (WDR): Achieve excellent image quality in challenging lighting conditions with WDR technology. This feature balances the lighting in scenes with both very bright and very dark areas, ensuring clear and detailed footage.

  5. Weatherproof Design: Designed for durability, the C Series cameras are IP66 or IP67 rated, offering protection against water, dust, and extreme weather conditions. These cameras are perfect for both indoor and outdoor installations.

  6. Easy Installation and Integration: Vivotek C Series cameras are designed for easy installation with versatile mounting options and intuitive setup processes. They seamlessly integrate with Vivotek’s network video recorders (NVRs) and other security systems.

  7. Remote Monitoring: Stay connected to your security system from anywhere in the world. The C Series cameras support remote access through mobile devices and PCs, allowing you to monitor live feeds and review recordings on the go.

  8. Built-in Cybersecurity: Protect your surveillance system from cyber threats with Vivotek’s comprehensive cybersecurity features. The C Series cameras include secure firmware, data encryption, and regular updates to ensure the highest level of protection.

    • Vivotek Panoramic Camera 5MP, CC9381-HV

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      Original price $820.00
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      Current price $745.36

      This Vivotek Panoramic Camera provides a 5MP resolution, WD Pro technology, Smart IR for enhanced night vision, and a 180 degree panoramic view, al...

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