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Cafe Alarm Installation

Cafe Alarm Installation

The right business security system has the power to catch criminals, suppress fires, and provide superior access control to the leaders of the company. But small business owners may believe that their organizations are manageable enough that they don’t need fancy gadgetry to keep track of what’s happening around the office. See why this is a myth, and how commercial security services work to keep you protected from the many variable factors of the universe.

In as little as four hours a small security system can be installed in your Café, offering 24/7 peace of mind protection for your business.

A properly designed Café alarm installation can manage a lot of these issues and can reduce the workload on Owners shoulder.


Running a Business is very challenging, as an business owner one need to manage many aspect of operations such as :


  • Quality of service

  • Customer relations

  • Delivery of Goods

  • Management of incoming cash flow

  • Losses due to theft , vandalism, product wastage and shop runners.

Benefits of a Café alarm installation

  • Peace of mind security 24/7, knowing your Café business is armed and secure.

  • Reduced insurance premiums, a lot of insurance companies offer discounts for businesses who utilize commercial security systems
  • Smartphone app, lets your arm or disarm your Café alarm security system.

  • Back to base monitoring is an important aspect of Business insurance requirements. Bosch 6000 can provide Back to base monitoring via IP connection to a mere cost of 1.10 inc of Gst per day.



Cafe Alarm Installation

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