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Trust the experts at CTC Communications to provide the top of the line brands in the dome style security surveillance cameras.

Leading Brands

Our brands include Dahua, Hikvision, Hilook, Idis, Samsung Wisenet, Panasonic, Truvision, Uniarch, and Vivotek for fast delivery all across Australia. Shop with us for the best quality and selection.


Dome style security surveillance cameras are another popular type of security camera used in various settings, such as homes, offices, retail stores, and other public spaces. These cameras are named after their dome-like shape, which provides a discreet and compact design that can blend in with the surrounding environment.


Dome cameras are often mounted on ceilings or walls and offer a 360-degree panoramic view of the area they are monitoring. They can be either fixed or have the ability to rotate horizontally and vertically to cover a wider area. Many models feature high-resolution video recording, night vision, and motion detection capabilities.

Advantages of Dome

One of the primary advantages of dome cameras is their vandal-resistant design. The dome shape provides added protection against physical damage, tampering, and weather elements. They are also difficult to spot from a distance, which can make them useful for discreet monitoring in certain situations.

Increased Security

Overall, dome cameras are a reliable and effective tool for enhancing security and surveillance in various settings. Their discreet and durable design, along with their wide range of features, make them a popular choice for those looking to increase their security and surveillance capabilities.

Delivery Across Australia

CTC Communications offers delivery services Australia-wide, ensuring that customers from all regions can benefit from their advanced security solutions. Key aspects of their delivery service include:

  1. Nationwide Coverage: Delivery to all major cities and regional areas.
  2. Timely Delivery: Efficient logistics ensure prompt delivery of orders.
  3. Installation Services: Professional installation services is available Sydney Wide.
  4. Customer Support: Comprehensive support and after-sales service to assist with any queries or issues related to the products.