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Uniview CCTV Kits

Uniview CCTV kits typically include surveillance cameras and network video recorders (NVRs), offering a comprehensive solution for video surveillance needs.

Equipped with a network video recorder and a number of security cameras the Uniview CCTV Kits make an ideal package for home or business surveillance.

These security surveillance kits are designed to provide both indoor and outdoor monitoring capabilities, with security cameras equipped for various environments and lighting conditions.

Surveillance Cameras

The Uniview surveillance cameras in these kits often feature high-definition video recording, infrared night vision, motion detection, and sometimes even advanced analytics like facial recognition or license plate recognition, depending on the specific model.

Uniview CCTV Kits

Network Recorders

The NVRs serve as the central hub for storing and managing the recorded footage, usually offering features like remote access via mobile apps or web interfaces for monitoring the cameras from anywhere with an internet connection.


Uniview is known for its innovative technology and user-friendly interfaces, making their CCTV kits suitable for both residential and commercial applications. They often offer scalability, allowing users to expand their surveillance system as needed by adding more cameras or upgrading components. 

Easy Series

Uniview Easy series of Security products are the most popular choices for entry-level applications such as residential and small retail stores. It consists of Easy Basic series and EasyStar series. The most important business value of them is to provide excellent performance at an affordable price.

Universal Block Storage (UBS)

Ensure the safety of data while enhancing the efficiency.

EasyStar Technology

Radically reduce blurring, deliver clear, bright and colorful image.

Ultra 265 Compression Technology

Reduce up to 95% bandwidth and storage space without compromise on image details.

Prime Series

Uniview Prime Series, incredibly, you can always find the ideal product in the Prime range, which has even more advanced features to achieve excellent performance.

Each of Prime series is designed specifically for a particular market. Prime-III are professional cameras for color imaging in ultra-low light conditions powered by ColorHunter technology.

Tri-Guard products from Prime-I series provides guardian at night, integrating ColorHunter, Active Deterrence and Smart Intrusion Prevention into one camera.


Compared to the Easy series , the Prime- I series has enhanced hardware such as WDR, audio, alarm, SD cards. Available in a variety of mainstream resolutions, such a s 2/4/5/8MP, different levels of image quality can be displayed. Prime-I series also features Smart Intrusion Prevention to reduce false alarm. Prime products are commonly used in commercial buildings, parks and small project applications to effectively ensure safety.


  • LightHunter
  • Deliver colorful image at low light environment.
  • ColorHunter
  • Provides colorful image 24/7 with vivid details.
  • Smart
  • Smart intrusion prevention to reduce false alarm.
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