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Samsung Wisenet Q Series

Q Series Surveillance Cameras

The Samsung Wisenet Q series provides cost-effective and dependable surveillance cameras with sharp 5MP and 2MP resolution, ideal for providing security to small and medium-sized business establishments such as shops, banks and offices.

High quality cameras offering 5MP 2592 x 1944 cost effective solutions.

5MP and 2MP resolutions

The Wisenet Q series offers two resolutions options to give you the freedom to choose the camera that best fits your security needs. The 5MP cameras can support up to 30fps, providing real-time video with 2592 x 1944 resolution and up to 15fps of WDR performance, providing crisp and vivid monitoring.

Various lens options

Fixed Lens The Wisenet Q series fixed-lens models are available with focal lengths of 2.8mm, 4.0mm and 6.0mm. The 2.8mm lens is available if you prefer a wide-angle view. If an area to monitor is located further away from the camera, the 6.0mm lens can be utilized

Varifocal Lens The 3.2 ~ 10mm (3.1x) varifocal lens, created by Hanwha Techwin’s own advanced technology, offers greater flexibility in the field of view. The motorized zoom option provides quick and easy megapixel focus using the simple focus feature.

Enhanced video analytics

The Wisenet Q series cameras are equipped with a wide range of Intelligent Video Analytics features, helping users detect different types of incidents and have full situational awareness of their facility.

Improve bandwidth by up to 99% using WiseStreamⅡ

Using WiseStreamⅡ, Hanwha Techwin’s own video compression technology, Wisenet Q series cameras reduces data by up to 99% compared to H.264 technology, when combined with H.265 compression. System costs, such as network infrastructure and data storage, are also greatly reduced without comprising image quality.

Hallway view for monitoring vertical shaped areas

In a vertical shaped environment, such as a store aisle, traditional horizontal shaped cameras waste bandwidth and storage on unnecessary edges. The Hallway view creates 3 : 4 and 9 : 16 ratio video which is vertically oriented and maximizes image quality in a narrow environment.

Analog video output for easier installation

The Wisenet Q series cameras support analog video (CVBS) output for easier installation. During the installation, a monitor can be connected to the monitor port to adjust and configure the viewing angle and the focus.

Q Series Brochure

Q Series Brochure

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