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Dahua CCTV Security Surveillance Systems

Gain access to excellent prices on Dahua CCTV Camera Security Systems, complete with a 3 year Manufacturer Warranty.

Dahua CCTV Cameras are readily available in a wide selection of options at CTC, with fast shipping to any location Australia-wide. 

Dahua Security Cameras

Dahua Security cameras provide an additional layer of security to your home or business, by recording the internal or external premises on closed circuit television, (CCTV). Each security camera is connected to a network recorder, this is where the CCTV vision is stored for later retrieval. The network recorder can be connected to your home internet, this will provide you with the use of a smartphone app to view your security cameras on your phone 24/7. SD card backup is provided in some Dahua Security cameras, providing another layer of security should the NVR be removed during a robbery.

Camera Choices

Camera Style Choices

The Dahua security camera range comes in five different styles of cameras, each with unique properties to perform in the desired location.

Bullet security cameras are ideal for long distance viewing with an IR range of up to 150 meters, available in fixed or motorised lens choice with megapixel quality from 2 to 8 megapixel 4K quality vision.

Dome security cameras come either with fixed or motorised lenses, small discreet domes for indoor use and vandal domes are ideal for outdoor use. Features of domes may include SD card backup and built in microphones, megapixel quality from 2 to 8 megapixel 4K quality vision.

Turret security cameras feature exceptional night time infrared distance, packed with features including starlight technology and active deterrence, featuring lights and siren. 

Network Recorder Capacity 


Choose from three different Network Recorder Sizes.
4 Channel, 8 Channel & 16 Channel NVR

Each NVR has the capacity for the installation of cameras to the system, eg 4 Channel can have 4 Cameras.

NVR's can not be expanded upon and a larger size will be required once capacity is reached.
Purchasing a larger NVR is for the camera's you require now, future proofs this requirement. EG 4 Cameras on a 8 Channel NVR will allow for future expansion. 

4 Channel CCTV Kits

8 Channel CCTV Kits

16 Channel CCTV Kits

Smartphone Connection

Smartphone App

Feel safe and secure 24/7 with the Dahua Smartphone App for your mobile or desktop
View your home cameras anytime anywhere on your mobile.

Dahua cameras can be set up for detection mode and activate the app via movement. 

No additional ongoing costs 



Installation Services 

Installation of security cameras from our professional installation team in Seven Hills and surrounding suburbs. Visit into our Seven Hills showroom and check out our demonstration panel featuring clear vision from the surveillance cameras.

  • CTC Communications is a Seven Hills based Security System supply and installation company, servicing Seven Hills and surrounding suburbs for 25+ years.
  • We are an award winning local service and trade, offering the very latest camera surveillance systems to help protect your home or business.
  • CTC can set up remote viewing of your Home CCTV system on your smartphone for viewing 24/7 wherever you are. We have an office and showroom located in Seven Hills
  • Our Seven Hills CCTV Installation technicians are ready to install your CCTV System, to give you peace of mind for your home or business.
  • We can provide a full demonstration of our CCTV camera system, displaying quality 5MP or higher resolution, clear nighttime vision.
  • Home security cameras can be accessed any time anywhere for 24/7 viewing from your smartphone.
  • In our Seven Hills Showroom you can compare camera quality between brands, including leading brands Dahua.
  • Security cameras provide peace of mind from break and enters for both residential and commercial security.
  • Call  Chat online or Come into our showroom.
  • We can provide an obligation FREE quotation for your CCTV Security Surveillance needs.