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Pet Friendly Alarm Sensors

Pet Friendly Alarm Sensors

A pet friendly alarm sensors are specially designed to distinguish between humans and pets and will not go into alarm while your pet is at home and your alarm is active.

Leading brand alarm manufacturers Bosch, DSC, Risco, NX and Connect O2 offer Pet Friendly alarm sensor options.

Pet Friendly

Bosch Pet Friendly Alarm systems have Tritech detectors in either hard wired or wireless versions, with detection of pets from 13 to 45kg in mass.

The following alarm package from Bosch Security offer Pet Friendly Hard wired and wireless detectors,

Bosch Solution 2000- Hard Wired Pet Friendly only

Bosch Solution 3000- Wireless or Hard Wired Sensors

Bosch Solution 6000-Wireless or Hard Wired Sensors

Don't let your fluffy little pooch protect your home, trust a Bosch Security system to provide protection 24/7.

Bosch 2000 Pet Friendly AlarmBosch 3000 Pet Friendly Alarm SystemBosch 6000 Pet Friendly Alarm System


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