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Alarm Packages Bosch Security

Bosch Alarm Systems feature a range of reliable and high-quality Security Alarm products, including the Solution 2000, Solution 3000 and the Solution 6000 series security systems.

Bosch Alarm Systems can integrate motion detection devices and access control systems into their security walls, doors and windows, providing you with a complete home or business security solution.

Looking for a security alarm system that has flexible installation options and easy to use?

Smartphone Option

To use the Smartphone Connection App for your Bosch Alarm system, the alarm control panel must first be connected to the internet, this can be done with the IP module or GSM module

Detector Options

Choose from multiple hard wired motion detector options. 

  • Standard detectors
  • Quad Detectors
  • Tritech Detectors (Pet Friendly 45kg)
  • Optional Detectors
  • Professional Detectors
  • Professional Tritech Detectors (Pet Friendly 45kg)
  • 360 Detectors
  • Outdoor Detectors
  • Long Range Detectors

  • Choose from two Wireless Motion Detectors
  • Wireless detector (Pet Friendly 11kg)
  • Wireless detector (Pet Friendly 45kg)

  • Bosch Detector Comparison Guide


    Remote Controls

    Remote Controls

    The Bosch Solution alarm system all have an option for remote controls, this requires the Bosch wireless receiver. Once a receiver is added to the Bosch panel, other wireless devices can also be added, such as motion detectors, reed switches, with the exception of the Bosch Solution 2000 alarm.

    The Bosch Solution 2000 alarm system, has a remote control option for arming and disarming, no wireless devices can be added to this system. 

    The Wireless Receiver pack comes standard with two remotes, choose between Stainless Steel or Plastic, both with four buttons.
    Bosch Plastic Remote Control Bosch Stainless Steel Remote Control



    Bosch Standard Detector

    Bosch Quad Detector

    Bosch Tritech Detector

    Bosch Professional Detector

    Bosch Professional Tritech Detector

    Bosch Wireless Detector

    Bosch Wireless Tritech Detector

    Bosch Detector Comparison Guide

    Bosch Solution 6000 Home Alarm System Brochures

    Residential Brochure

    Commercial Brochure

    Smartphone App Video

    Bosch Solution 6000 Smartphone App Video

    Bosch Intrusion Alarm Video

    Bosch Soltution Alarm Systems


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