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Dahua WizSense Series

The Dahua Surveillance Products WizSense Series represents an innovative and state-of-the-art range of security solutions designed to enhance surveillance capabilities. This series incorporates cutting-edge technologies and features to provide reliable and efficient monitoring for various applications.

AI-Powered Object Detection:
  • WizSense cameras leverage advanced AI algorithms to accurately detect and classify objects of interest, such as humans and vehicles, in real-time.
  • This intelligent object detection minimizes false alarms and optimizes storage space by focusing on relevant events.
Full-Color Night Vision
  • WizSense cameras feature advanced low-light performance with full-color night vision technology.
  • Even in dimly lit or challenging lighting conditions, these cameras deliver vivid and detailed color images, enhancing the identification of people and objects.
Perimeter Protection:
  • The WizSense series includes cameras equipped with perimeter protection algorithms.
  • These algorithms effectively detect and track objects crossing predefined virtual boundaries, reducing the risk of intrusion and unauthorized access.
Smart H.265+ Video Compression:
  • Dahua's Smart H.265+ video compression reduces bandwidth and storage requirements without compromising image quality.
  • This advanced compression technology enhances network efficiency and optimizes storage utilization.
Starlight Technology:
  • WizSense cameras with Starlight technology excel in low-light environments.
  • They capture clear and noise-free images even in near-darkness, making them ideal for nighttime surveillance.
AI Coding:
  • AI Coding technology dynamically adjusts the bitrate based on object movement and scene complexity.
  • This intelligent coding optimization ensures efficient bandwidth utilization and storage management.
IVS Analytics:
  • WizSense cameras support Intelligent Video System (IVS) analytics, including tripwire detection, intrusion detection, and abandoned/removed object detection.
  • These analytics provide actionable insights and enhance the overall surveillance effectiveness.
Smart Motion Detection:
  • The WizSense series incorporates smart motion detection algorithms to distinguish between genuine movements and environmental changes.
  • This feature reduces false alarms and optimizes event notifications.
Privacy Protection
  • Dahua's WizSense cameras offer privacy protection features such as pixelation and region masking.
  • These features safeguard sensitive areas and ensure compliance with privacy regulations.
Easy Installation and Configuration:
  • WizSense cameras are designed for quick and hassle-free installation.
  • They come with intuitive user interfaces and support various mounting options to adapt to different surveillance scenarios.