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Body Temperature Cameras

Deep Learning Algorithms (DLA) are used

to model and recognise a face accurately.

The fastest recognition time known is 0.2

sec although various models are used to

reduce false rate and increase pass rate.

Cameras with wide dynamic range (WDR),

low illumination with large aperture lens

are used for capturing high quality image

with various complex lighting scenes.

LIVE detection based on DLA, is effective

against fraud such as photo and video.

Real-time body temperature of multiple

dynamic and static objects is measured

by the use of a Thermal Camera and a

Black Body. To ensure that readings are

made accurately, the Black Body requires

specific conditions for setting up. The

environment needs to be free from any

influence of heat (sun), wind, moisture

and light (reflections/glare). Calibrated at

a stable temperature, it measures all

human forehead temperatures

accurately then uses algorithms to

convert it to body temperature.

The data utilized for analysis are based

mostly on men rather than women. In

general, women have lower body

temperatures and their body

temperatures can be influenced by their


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