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Bosch Solution 3000 Alarm System Frequently Asked Questions

User manuals to choosing motion sensors, sirens kits and a smartphone module.

Control your alarm system with your Smartphone via the GSM or IP module connection to your alarm system with the Bosch Solution 2000 & 3000 Alarm System.

Comparison Points

The Bosch Solution 3000 IP module alarm systems are the most popular security alarm system kits we sell, for these reasons.

Advantages of the IP Module Kits

Easy Set Up

The B426M IP module for the Solution 2000 & 3000 alarm system is significantly easier setup.

After connecting the module to both the network with a network cable and the main board with the provided 4-wire connector. Setting up at the keypad only takes a minute (2 steps in programming)

GSM Connection is more Difficult

The GSM module board has to have an APN code entered using Bosch Programming Software from a PC.

No additional fees compared to the GSM which requires a client provided SIM card with a Data plan.Plug-and-Play setup requires no programming when internet providers are changed in the future.

Generally speed of alarm connection to mobile is quicker.

Features of the GSM moduleB450-M + B443 (GSM Module) Will still be active in the case of a power outage thanks to relying on a mobile network. This is especially useful in certain residences where the internet is unreliable.In situations where an internet connection is not available such as in sheds or garages the GSM module provides an effective way to keep the alarm reporting.We recommend the GSM module if the network on site is too unreliable or non-existent.

As the initial setup is a bit more in depth and if being self installed, not as straightforward for a customer to program.
The GSM module Kits are available in multiple Code Pad style.

Bosch Tritech sensors are a pet friendly alarm sensors specially designed to distinguish between humans and pets and will not go into alarm while your pet is at home and your alarm is active. 

Hard Wired Sensor offers Pet Immunity to 45Kg.

Wireless Sensors offer Pet Immunity to 13Kg.

Wireless Tritech Sensors offer Pet Immunity to 45Kg.

When choosing a siren box for your home or business take the following into consideration.

The Larger the Siren box the more likely a thief will spot your siren box and think twice before robbing your home or business.

Slimline Small Siren box- may be covertly hidden by your home eaves or business sign.

Often Strata complexes prefer an installation of a slimline siren box or no siren box at all.

It is possible to choose, no siren box and have your alarm contact you in the event of an alarm, with Smartphone technology, this avoids discruption to your neighbours in the event of a false alarm trigger.

Power consumption, it is a known fact that the new LED siren light will draw less power than the conventional strobe.In short, if you power goes off and you have to rely on back up battery.

The LED siren will last the longest.If it is possible choose the large siren box with multiple indoor sirens to provide the loudest alarm siren and deter potential intruders.Siren boxes with red lights are not available in Australia, blue light is the preferred colour for a siren box.

Wireless motion detectors are often use in two storey homes where cabling is difficult or impossible to get to the bottom level, once the construction is completed.

For this reason customers choose wireless motion sensors.

Other difficult places to get to are garages or rooms where cabling would be difficult to get to.

Wireless motion detectors are dependent on battery power, you will need to check them fairly regularly to ensure they are still running to specification. Your alarm system will send notification for a low detector battery every 2-3 years.

Bosch Solution 3000 User Guides