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Security Alarm System Installations

Get 24/7 protection with a Home Alarm System Installation from CTC Communications

Home Alarm System Blacktown Region

CTC Communications extends a trustworthy and top-notch Home Alarm System Installation service in Blacktown Region. Our team of 5-star rated, skilled, and veteran Security Technicians brings forth over 25 years of experience within the security industry. 

Our award winning team offers the very latest home alarm system installation for your home, providing protection 24/7 with self monitoring or a fully monitored security system.

Please check our 5 star Google reviews to see what other customers says about our services.

CTC Communications can set up remote control and viewing of your Home Alarm System and CCTV system on your smartphone for viewing 24/7 wherever you are. We have an office and showroom located in Seven Hills.

Within our Security Showroom, you can conveniently assess the quality of different Home Alarm Systems from various brands. This includes hands-on demonstrations of esteemed products like Bosch 6000, Bosch 3000, Bosch 2000, and Risco Alarm.

Our team of experts is on hand to offer insightful guidance when it comes to selecting the perfect home alarm installation for your property. This ensures optimal protection against potential intruders.

Leading brand home alarm systems offer accompanying smartphone apps, empowering you to remotely arm or disarm your system through your mobile device. These apps also furnish real-time notifications for any security breaches, ensuring an uninterrupted connection to your property for round-the-clock peace of mind.

Displayed prices in the packages below represent fixed-rate installations. To receive a personalised quote for alarm installation in Blacktown Region, simply select the "Request for Quote" option.


Benefits of a Home Alarm System

Enhanced Security: Provides a robust layer of protection against intruders and unauthorized access.

Peace of Mind: Offers a sense of safety and assurance, both when you're at home and when you're away.

Deterrent: Acts as a visible deterrent, discouraging potential burglars or trespassers from targeting your property.

Immediate Alerts: Notifies you instantly via various communication channels (phone, email, app) if a breach or alarm trigger occurs.

Remote Monitoring: Allows you to keep an eye on your property in real-time through mobile apps, even when you're not there.

User-Friendly: Modern systems are designed for easy operation, making them accessible for all members of the household.

Value Addition: Increases the resale value of your property due to the added security features.

Insurance Benefits: Often leads to reduced insurance premiums, as the presence of an alarm system lowers the risk of property damage or theft.

CCTV Installations- CTC Communications

Quality & Reliable Installation Team

CTC Communications is the trusted name in Security Installations, installing and upgrading security systems for over 25+ years.

We are a Sydney based company with customer satisfaction our highest priority.Installing Security CCTV Surveillanc Systems.Fully Licenced and Certified

CTC Communications services a wide variety of security equipment and staff both in-house and field personnel who have an average of 15 years experience in servicing security equipment. All our employees hold ACMA cabling providers and have a minimum Class 2BC Security License. Guarantee of quality installation providing installer and manufacturer warranty.

Master Security Licence: 000102543 Mantr Group Pty Ltd, ASIAL Member: Australian Security Industry Association Limited.

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Why Choose CTC Communications

Why Choose CTC Communications

Transparent Pricing: Fixed upfront cost for Home Alarm Installation.

Expert Installation Team: Highly qualified team specialising in security installations.

Premium Brands Only: We exclusively offer top-quality Security Alarm Equipment from leading brands.

Bosch Platinum Dealer: As a Bosch Platinum dealer, we provide competitive pricing for installations.

Generous Warranties: Enjoy a 3-year Manufacturer Warranty on Bosch, Risco, DSC, and Hills Security Alarm Systems.

Installation Warranty: We provide a 1-year Labour Warranty on all Home Alarm installations.

Recognized Excellence: An award-winning local security company.

Customer Satisfaction: Our satisfied customers rate us with 5 stars on Google reviews.

Licensed Technicians: Our technicians are fully licensed for security work.

Certified Cabling: ACMA License cabling holders ensuring quality wiring.

Industry Affiliation: Proud member of ASIAL (Australian Security Industry Association Limited).

Certified Quality: An ISO 9001 certified company for Security System installations.

Leading Brands of Home Alarm Systems