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Bullet Security Cameras

At CTC Communications, discover unbeatable deals on Uniview Bullet security cameras.

 Explore a wide range of megapixels from 2MP to 8MP and select surveillance cameras that suit your specific needs.

Our Bullet security cameras are designed for outdoor use and provide exceptional IR distance. 

Choose between fixed or motorised lenses to enhance your surveillance system.


To learn more about Uniview surveillance cameras, shop online or get in touch with our sales staff at 1300 552 282 to make a purchase.

We offer:

  • Flat Rate Shipping

  • Fast Delivery Australia Wide

Uniview Bullet Security Cameras

LightHunter Technology

Here are some of the key features of Uniview bullet security cameras with LightHunter technology:

  • High-sensitivity image sensor: The cameras feature a high-sensitivity image sensor that is capable of capturing light at very low levels. This allows the cameras to produce clear images in scenes with minimal ambient light.

  • Advanced image processing algorithms: The cameras use a variety of advanced image processing algorithms to enhance the quality of the images. These algorithms include noise reduction, digital image stabilization, and wide dynamic range (WDR).

  • 3D DNR: This feature reduces noise in low-light conditions, resulting in clearer and more detailed images.

  • BLC: Backlight compensation adjusts the exposure of the image to compensate for bright light sources in the background.

  • HLC: Highlight compensation reduces the intensity of bright lights in the image, preventing overexposure.

  • ICR: The infrared cut filter automatically switches between day and night modes to optimize image quality.

  • IP67 weatherproof rating: The cameras are IP67 weatherproof rated, which means that they are protected against dust and water ingress. This makes them suitable for use in outdoor applications.