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Alarm Keypad Frequently Asked Questions

Alarm Keypad Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Alarm Keypad

A) An Alarm keypad is what you arm and disarm the system with normally located near the front door. Multiple keypads can also be used for alternative entrances, such as garages.

Q. Can I replace my alarm keypad?

You most certainly can replace your existing alarm keypad if the buttons are worn out or stop working, we sell a large range of leading brands of alarm keypads, Bosch Risco, NX. You will require the same model keypad for your alarm system.This model number is usually located on the back of the keypad.

Bosch Solution 6000/144 Graphic Keypad White Case/Blue CP700B

Q How do I stop my alarm keypad beeping?

A) On Most alarm simply press the hash or enter button will silence the fault been for 12 hours. 

Q How do I find out what fault my Bosch Alarm is beeping for.

A)  On a Bosch Alarm Icon keypad if you press and hold down the number 5 button an LED will display refer to your User guide to find the fault code

Q How do I reset my smoke detector on a Bosch 16 plus or 6000 Series.

A) Enter your Master code then Menu, Type in 305 this will re-set your smoke detectors, hold Menu for 5 Seconds to exit.

Q How do I change my code on a Bosch 880 Alarm

A) Enter your Master code followed by 1 then Hash

Press 1 hash enter your new four digit code press hash  and now your code has been changed.