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Bosch Solution 3000 Alarm System Review

Bosch Solution 3000 Alarm System Review

Secure your home with the latest Bosch security alarm system, the Bosch Solution 3000, providing high tech security for your home or business, with an option for Smartphone Self monitoring.

This home alarm system gives you piece of mind to protect your family and assets. It is suitable for both home or business security.
Bosch Solution 3000 alarm system has a large range of keypads, from a stylish five and seven inch touch screen keypads to the Icon keypad Bosch have used for years. 
The new touch screens keypads make your alarm system keypad look stylish and it adds a touch of class to your home. The touch screen keypads also have the ability to feature photos, great for family or business logos.
Bosch Blue Line Gen2 Standard PIR Motion DetectorsProtecting your home day or night can be done with the night arm feature, feel safe and secure at home with your home or business armed at night time.
With up to 16 zones available on the Solution 3000 security system can have a combination of hard wired or wireless zones that makes this system perfect for any home or business. 
Bosch Wireless Reed, Radion, RFDW-SMThe types of devices you can put on your zones include detectors and reed switches, these help form a layer of security to protect your home from intrusion. Adding CCTV camera's onto your alarm system can also add an extra layer of security.   
Using the Bosch Detectors we have a range to Suit any home, if you have pets don’t worry you can still have your Animal inside with a Bosch Tri tech Detector.

Pet Friendly Alarm

Pet FriendlyDon't let your Pooch be your security alarm system, using the Bosch Tri-tech detectors with Pet detection, this ensures your pets can stay safe inside whilst your alarm system is armed.
Bosch Tritech detectors can tell the difference between pets and humans via the hair, limbs,height.
The best security solution for pet owners is the Bosch Solution alarm system with Tritech detectors

Remotes which is the best?

You can add two types of remotes to your alarm, plastic called Radion and stainless steel called HCT-4UL.
The stainless steel remote controls have the added advantage of the slide cover, this prevents you from accidentally arming your alarm when you are out in the garden and it is in your pocket. I know :)
Although the HCT-4UL only has a 1 year warranty as opposed to the Radion remote which is covered by the full three years.
The additional buttons on the remote control can be programmed for extra outputs, such as a garage door. Dont be stuck with multiple remotes for your home, have the CTC Communications installation team program the remotes to open both your garage door and turn off your alarm system.
To narrow down your choice selection we have put together some security alarm kits featuring there remote control choice.
Radion Wireless Alarm System Kits
Stainless Steel Wireless Alarm System Kits     
Bosch 3000 IP module B426M
Customers often ask us the best way to deal with the incoming NBN and Bosch has come up with a simple Solution, you can Install the B426M IP Module which requires a network cable from your router to the Alarm panel this will allow you to arm and disarm your system via your smart phone, it also has a free notification services so if you do have an alarm event happen it will come on to your smart phone, best part is its FREE. 
The Bosch B426M Module make the Bosch Solution 3000 into a Smartphone home alarm system.
Combining both IP Camera's with night vision and a reliable Smart phone alarm system like the Bosch 3000 security system, your home or business will be well secured. At CTC Communications we offer the install of CCTV and alarm systems.
For CCTV Installation Western Sydney we use Dahua CCTV Cameras combined with a Bosch 3000 security alarm system. Our cctv system give you peace of mind with the smartphone app to monitor your premised 24/7 where ever you are.

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